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Sonia Puri this is good basic horror and terrible in some places, i did not enjoy it cover to cover . sad to say it is awful plot the best bit is the introduction of all characters in the beginnning but the rest is dreadful, really wont read that again in a hurry.

J.M. Rankin I love James Herbert as a writer and took a lot of inspiration from him. I've read many of his novels but have to agree that this was not his best, for me at least. Although I found it got off to a great start I couldnt actually finish it. I found myself growing bored with the endless events that happened to different people but in similar ways, and although I wanted to know what happened in the end, there was nothing keeping me hooked. It became rather repetitive. It's sad, but I've enjoyed so many others by JH that I guess there had to be one that didn't really appeal :)

P.J. Taylor I read this many years ago and, for me at least, James Herbert's earlier works are his best. I really enjoyed The Dark. Perhaps, I should re-read it and see if I think differently now than I did originally. I first read it over 15 years ago. Personally, his later books I found less scary and much less enjoyable. With the exception of '48' I thought his last five or six novels were hugely disappointing. So much so that I haven't even bothered to read 'Ash'. Not even when it was on offer for just £0.20 as a Kindle download.

David Gilmore I've read three of his books currently. Enjoyed The Rats and The Dark, but Sepulchre was simply okay.

The ending was perhaps over a bit too quickly in The Dark however, but I thought it fit with much of what the book was about and I couldn't really see any other way for it to end.

Sonia Puri I actually hated it.

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Ironhead i read this book back in 1982 when i was 14, a lot has changed since then, the violence in books, movies and even TV would not have been acceptable back then. The baby death in the Rats was really controversial and got people a little upset, by today's standards that's nothing.

James Herbert was considered a good horror author, even if he was a little "Hammer house of horrors" ( the younger readers are probably scratching their heads right now ) i liked The Dark, but i liked The Fog better, but i have to agree, most of his books are the same, they have a very similar main character, an investigator caught up in some paranormal shenanigans, a younger girl/lady who has psychic powers and is in danger, then to top it off, there is always an older professor type.

but he sold a lot of books with this basic formula and you cant knock that.

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