Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) Fifty Shades of Grey question

Charlie Hunnam is Christian Grey
Carla Doolin Carla Sep 02, 2013 12:16PM
And Dakota Johnson is Anastasia Steele. What do you think?

I'm a hmmm. I've had Ian Somerholder and Nina Dobrev in my head for this for so long, I'm just not sure.

Although I am quite interested to see how they'll do a big screen treatment for a book that's mainly porn. And quite interested to see Charlie in all his glory.


I like the choice of Charlie. He is a good looking sexy man. If you have ever seen him in a sex scene you would know he has the looks and intensity to pull it off. Change of hair colour and he would do great. Glad a relatively unknown is cast as Anna. Looking forward to seeing the movie. So glad Robert pattinson was not cast. He is too scrawny and not powerful enough to be believe able in a sexual sense.

Check out Charlie on the movie The Ledge! I think he might do a great job, although I did pictured him for the part of Caleb too. Dakota I don't know either, but might be good too. Can't wait for the movie!

I still think the story is lame, so i expect no more from the film. But yeah, the cast is bullshit.

Where did this idea that Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder should play him? Matt Bomer has too much of a nice guy personan and IMO isn't attractive enough. Ian Somerhalder doesn't have the rich guy persona to pull it off. He's more rebel than rich BDSM guy.

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Really disappointed with the selection choice, OMG what was E L James thinking, I don't think I even want to watch this movie now, really don't think these to have got the sex appeal to pull of the Characters in the book, Come on Christian Grey is reflected as drop dead gorgeous, Charlie Hunnan sorry gang he does not have the sex appeal of Christian Grey but hey I like to be proven wrong so time will tell. Bad choice on E L James part, this may come back to bite her on the backside.

Ana 100% agree! 'Nobody should be such good looking' doesn't fit at all in Charlie Hunnam. ...more
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I am still unsure about the casting. But I can't really do anything about it. I am actually happy that it's not Damon from the vampire diaries.

Love Charlie I think he will slim down but get really lean and clean shaven I think he'll be great! Not sure about Dakota only because I don't know what she's done but Ill give the benefit of the doubt :)

I can't see him as Christian. Not sure if I will see the movie now. Terrible casting choices. Christian is supposed to be tall, lean with copper curls. This guys looks like a total meathead- not a sophisticated hot billionaire . He's attractive but in no way would he having women dropping at his feet. She does nothing- totally not Ana. Boo!!!!

I am so sad & disappointed by the casting.

I think we spent so much time waiting for the cast to be announced and so much guessing on the candidates that not everybody is convinced they're the best choices, but I don't know, I think we need erase to all our preconceptions (sniff Henry Cavill) and watch the movie... I'm pretty sure both will do great, they just need a makeover to be more accurate to the image we have of Christian and Ana :D

I'm pretty disappointed. Charlie is a good looking guy, but he wasn't who I pictured. Dakota where near what I was thinking. I guess I had certain actors in my mind which makes it easier to be disappointed.

Dissapointed, what were they thinking. Hes so ugly

I think a lot of people get the bad idea about Charlie because they see him as the character in Sons of Anarchy, but if you see pics of him, clean shaven and short hair...OMG what a smoking hottie! I think the producers are going to have to know that the fans are going to be expecting their Mr. Grey. As far as Dakota for Anastasia....I know she was in 21 Jump Street, but I just DON'T see it, maybe she'll surprise us all but I always saw Alexis Bleidel because of her "mousey brown hair and blue eyes" but hey, I guess we'll see!!

No. So disappointed.

I just read the article from Good Morning America. I love SOA but Charlie Hunnam isn't Christian Grey. I've seen his movies also and he's an excellent actor but I still don't think he's Christian Grey.

I do not know anything about this actor. Of course I immediately googled his pictures. Some look ok and some dorky. How tall is he? Johnson is not my view either. I am willing to give them a chance, but I know that we fans will have problems with the film. The book is always better. I will still go see it of course.

Charlie Hunnam is Christian Grey?? What? Is the guy even tall enough for that? OMG. I want Matt or Ian :(

I agree that Matt Bomer is better . . .

I don't watch SoA so he just is too rough looking for me. He needs a major make-over & darker hair.

The chick is ok - big eyes, nice lips. She needs dark hair & extensions :D

Matt bomer is a funny kind of guy not A Christian Grey character. Just because he does look good in a suit doesn't mean he is Christian.

Mish you are so right about that
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I have been looking forward to it being Ian for a long time so I am a little disappointed but that being said I also saw him as the lead character in the 2nd book of my series so at least I'll still have the image of him as Damian Stone. Now I just need to become famous and get a movie deal...when I do it's going to be Ian all the way :) Hey dreams are what great things are made of, right?

im disappointed. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED! It's still Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer for me. haha. Still, knowing that will not happen, I hope, really hoping that the movie will be great.

Lola (last edited Sep 03, 2013 06:58AM ) Sep 03, 2013 04:04AM   0 votes
Dakota could fit the role though she is old looking but Charlie Hunnman is a terrible choice. I doubt that I'll watch the movie.

I'm so disappointed with the casting! I thought it would be someone like Matt Bomer! Plus I don't think Dakota is suitable to be Ana! No longer excited to see the movie!

Hate the casting! I had Matt Bomer and Amber Tamblyne in mind. Don't know why the casted Dakota Johnson of all!

Never heard of these 2 actors. Hoping for Ryan Gosling

Regarding the plot. oh I LOVE 50 Shades but I'll admit it is not an epic like Gone with the Wind and it is mostly about Christian and the sex. And the sex will be somewhat missing from a PG-13 film and even an R rated one, LOL. In addition to the main romance, there are plenty of subplots and other characters to follow and loads of expensive and opulent surrounds to feature. There is plenty of content with the 3 books for 3 movies... which frankly I am expecting since trilogies at a min. are a standard now.

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Nope, Matt Bomer will always be Christian Grey to me :D!!
Charlie Hunnan is my choice for Caleb in the Dark Duet Series though; Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1) by C.J. Roberts Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) by C.J. Roberts
Epilogue (The Dark Duet, #3) by C.J. Roberts

I was picturing Henry Cavill as Christian, and never quite thought of a female actress that nailed Ana. I don't know either of these actors, so I guess I can't be too disappointed. I'll probably rent it from Redbox, but certainly won't rush to the theater.

I am extremely disappointed with the cast they have chosen. Jax from SOA, Really?
I just can't see it.
Same way I can't see Ben Affleck as Batman, but that is another discussion all together.
All I hope is that Fifty Shades of Grey does not turn out to be another Twilight.
The Twilight films were not very good & I blame the casting.
I guess all we can do is wait & see.

Personally I can't wait, Charlie & Dakota will do a fantastic job....Charlie is HOT, HOT, HOT.....

i actually am not at all familiar with him so i think that it could be a good thing. i mean, we all knew that RPatz was EL James first choice and that would have had specific ideas in mind so this could be good.

i just really don't know about the actress who will be Ana - she doesn't have the look that i had in my mind. maybe a hair dye job and her approach will make me a believer

I'm completely disappointed in the casting.

Oh I do love how CJ Roberts sees Charlie as Caleb. I believe he will pull off a fantastic Christian Grey. I am a huge SOA fan and Charlie has some range. Plus I don't think he is sexually inhibited by looks at his past roles. I just hope he is a bit taller than the chick. I think that will make a huge difference.

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