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Sandra Ann Stilinski ok things I like to do so you can choice whatever you like

fallen angel

Sandra Ann Stilinski neko is a human with animal ears and tail attach to it

Sandra Ann Stilinski ok have a plot or idea that you like to do

Sandra Ann Stilinski nope not right now btw im in a different time zOne im about to go to bed....and I try to get on asap tomorrow and see if you have an idea or I think of one and I will post an idea or a plot

Sandra Ann Stilinski ok thanks jesse

Sandra Ann Stilinski I honestly like both idea dammit I can't decide know

Sandra Ann Stilinski I like it being guy B

Sandra Ann Stilinski the last one you give

Sandra Ann Stilinski Name: Dante
Age: 15 turning 16 soon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: have no idea but, his gay)
Peronality: shy, timid, smart, talent, and protective

Sandra Ann Stilinski For the first time i ask becaue, i never role play in 1st person ever but, im sorry but, i like saying he or the name of the character. I start


Dante finally arrive to the small house that he would be living in. He look around not wanting to be there he didn't know this people at all or get to know them.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((I will try to get my detail later))

Dante didn't like this boy at all and walk to the extram bed and keep all the thing under the bed. He notice only a few drawers and a light was there for him. He smile and thought it was better than nothing. He put his few clothes he had and put the current book he was reading on the nightstand.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((lol but, i do like the detail part.))

Dante jump at the the boy protest. He is going to be so loved. Yea right thinking of it just made him a little upset and unhappy. He took off his shoe and put it under his bed. He grab his book that he was reading facing the wall knowing this is what the other boy would like best. He lay on his side showing his curve of his body.

He zoned everything else except what he was reading. He was a very talent guy with sport but, his weakness is that he can be nerd too.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante narrow his eyes and walk to the kitchen walk to him, "To be honest I owe the adults that live here. Not you!" He walk to the room again and put his ipod that he had. Only one good thing he had left. Close his eyes and try to take a nap.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante narrow his eyes not like been threaten by anyone and not even family. He glare at him, "Please get of. No child ever is in charge of anything. Only adults. If you dont like it talk to the court." He start to twist and turn to get his brother off of him.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante got up finally and shake himself off....He look at his brother and turned red. Something out of nowhere got him a little excite and turned quickly and read his book. He had no idea what the emotion was and it annoyed the crap out of him.

message 16: by Angela (new)

Angela (angie1998) hi can i join in?

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante shake his head seeing how childish this boy is. He can't believe this boy was old than him. He stretch wondering why did he do to hate him so much.

He finally got up and grab some clean cloth and towel. He walk to the bathroom close the door not lock it. He turn on the water hot. He went in just letting the water hit him and start to sing a little bit.

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Angela (angie1998) sorry:) but dont worry :)

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante keep washing up still singing. His voice wasn't even bad it was deep and soft. He was in a good mood he always have love hot shower. He wonder what he can do beside read and listen to music around the house. He was thinking if they was a park around there.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante was in a very cheerful and happy mood. He then tone his voice and sing a song from HIM can funeral of my heart (I hope i got the title correct). He slowly got of the shower. He keep singing drying himself off. He then look at himself in the mirror and fix his hair a little.

He step back and dress up a little. He then look at the mirror again stop singing for awhile, "What can I do now. Man this boy hates me. " He close his eyes open them again. "maybe i can take a walk to keep distance between us." He turned around and walk out the bathroom and slowly walk to the family and tell his new mom about what he wants.

She gave him a cell phone for communication. He smile back at him, "Thank you! Its a smart phone." She smile and look at him, "Yes one of the basic one but, enough for internet, texting and calling other. You can go out and be out until 11 at night."

Dante smile and thank her. He walk out of the house.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante was at the park seeing all the owner and their pet. He was smiling on how cute and awesome some of the dogs. He look at them and after hours he got up walking near a forest that was near by. Looking around the forest and wonder how deep it can get. He smile realizing maybe exploring the wilderness will be good for him.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((sorry didn't notice you reply to this topic so sorry)

Dante finally arrive to the house tired and in a good mood. He walk to the room and lay on the bed tired and exhaust from all the walk. He put his ipod charging and put under his pillow for safety.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante look at his brother wondering what he was watching. He walk up to him and look at him, "Whats it about?"

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante realize what it was, "How dare you! Dude shit I was in the freakin shower. Plus, that make you pervert." He turned around pissed as hell that someone caught him singing. He lay back in his bed facing the wall. He wasn't crying just lively pissed.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante narrow his eyes trying to keep his thought to himself. He was going to speak to the parents soon or later. But, right now it be to obvious. He slowly keep his though to himself. He stay on his side looking at the wall saying nothing to make this boy feel proud of what he has done.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante speak at all he wasn't going to fight back yet. He just hope this boy wont be like in a sexual drive and ask him to pleasure him. He cough quickly when he thought of that. He close his eye.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante end up falling asleep not making on noise all night long. He been so unhappy and this boy makes it more like a nightmare more than a home.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante finally didn't really care anymore, "NO. Go ahead! Sent the video to your friends. They might think its stupid to sing the damn shower but, I bet I have a better voice than you." He through the book right at his brother face back. For once he will not be push around. "By the way Sir I call you Baby! So leave me alone BABY!!"

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante look at him storm away. He got up and walk to Chris, "here." He gave him his phone back, "I wont delete it its your phone you do with it what you like." He lean over kiss his neck, "I think you need a girlfriend or boyfriend." He walk off.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((its all good its like 500 in the morning for me))

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante shake his head not knowing what to say or do next. Something is going on with him. He never been this cocky about anything.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((its all good))

Dant yawn and stretch in the bed. slowly got up looking at his brother on his phone already.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante smirk he got up and walk up, "OH I see that you are still thinking of it." He said softly teasing him. He then lean over and kiss him again on the neck. He left to take a shower and get ready for the day.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante was quickly take a shower and got dress and start to brush his teeth. Then dry his hair and fix it. He then want to kiss him a little more but, right now he wasn't even sure why he is being so different than his usual self. He shake it out of his mind.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante narrow his eyes and just went with it. He took out a paper and pen and wrote it down. His bro didn't have no idea he spoken to the parents if he can have a pup. they told him it was okay just he had to take care of it. He was okay on getting the things. "Okay I will!" He was walking to the entrance, "Im leaving now see you later." He walk out of the house and skip almost all the way to the pet shop.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante finally got his dog he want for someone reason they were having a huge sale. He got a purebreed red doberman that had its ears and tail cut off so young. The pup was boy not even 8 weeks old yet. He got it for only 50. He got a collar and food for him. He got the dog and hold the leash close and walk home. He already had the all the other stuff his brother ask him to get. He finally arrive home and open the door.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante put the dog stuff up and pick up the dog. "come on Shawn." He start to walk to his room. His dog fallow him right into his room. He walk in the room.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante look at his brother and his eyes widen in shock, "Yea I don't think this place is a freakin strip club. Plus does mom and dad know about that." He point at Chris. "Plus they gave me 150 dollar was my max for buying a pet for myself." He pick up his dog.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante slowly process what Chris said. He smirk feeling he fell for him so quickly. He want to laugh out loud because, he wasn't even trying to get him to fall for him. He slowly approach Chris's bed and lean over kissing him on the neck. He put one knee on one side of him and the other knee on the other side of him. He lean over and kiss him in the neck and nibble his ears. He grinded his body then suddenly he kiss him in the mouth. Right when he think that Chris felt his tongue in he got up. "Oh by the way parents said he can sleep with me in my bed so yay."

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante just realize the dog need to go outside to pouty. He pick up the dog look around and notice that he didn't go. He walk downstair and back to the backyard and let him go to the restroom. After 30 minutes he pick him up again and walk back inside to his room. He went on his bed and put his dog on the bed.

Sandra Ann Stilinski Dante open his eyes and look around and see his brother next to his bed. He smirk thinking his unconscious want to be with him. He laugh inside because, it was pretty cute and funny.

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