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message 1: by Preeshay (new)

Preeshay (goodreadscompreeshay_pari) I have no aim in life,
And living without any goal,

I have no gain in life,
So moving within a hole;

I'm a person with scattered thoughts,
Who have zero purpose and dissipated roles,

I'm the one to whome dreams haunt,
So i drive away from enchanting poles;

I'm confused,distrusted,dissatisfied,
I want to get away from the world and hide,

So that no one could hear or see me,
And i could see or hear none,
Sometimes i hate the people and their voices,
And i wish to disappear in a silent nimesis,
Where i could hear or see not even myself,
And then i'd ponder inside my pelf,
Learn what i want or have wanted;

The price of giving or the bargain for taking,
What profits and loses did i made in life,

Maybe then i'd understand my scheme,
Scheme of thought that drives me mad;

What if i gained not and lost all?,
What difference does it make anyhow___?
In life where there are some losers and some gainers,
What if its I who made the losers' show;

And made it double again and again,
A loser in life is a loser in strife!

My shattered, scattered thoughts never dry,
They make me feel loser and yet pamper to try,
For a game so new, in life so old,
To make me a battered, refined gold!!!

message 2: by Rao (new)

Rao Javed | 713 comments NICE it very touching :-D

message 3: by Preeshay (new)

Preeshay (goodreadscompreeshay_pari) thnx Rao:)

message 4: by Preeshay (new)

Preeshay (goodreadscompreeshay_pari) well its a fact when i start writing it the tone and the mood were both pessimistic but if you read the last lines the ending note is obviously positive n towards optimism..! isn't it??
btw thnx for liking it:)

message 5: by Preeshay (new)

Preeshay (goodreadscompreeshay_pari) oh of course not rather a great help in truth:p

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