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Raevyn "Lucia" [I'm in it for the books] (raevynstar) 9) A character in your story is able to fly and communicate with animals.
10)What age is the best?
11)You bake a cake, it's burned, and the guests arrive. What now?
12) "I never thought this would happen."
13) The whole world is in shades of your favorite color.
14) Tell how to make coffee in the context of a moving story.
16)An impossible word during a spelling bee.
17)"Who CARES about macaroni?"
18)The only one who lived
19) Stockholm Syndrome.

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Achitophel | 7 comments Mod
9) No idea
10) 26
11)Buy a cake or Damin it ! never mind about guest and their hungry stomache!
12)This always happen for me :D
13)It sometimes happen , not a big deal, lol
14)Just be cool and don't wet yourself , this is the main struction :D
16)No idea
17) A hungry person
18)The only one who knows the meaning of how to live a life
19)Smelling everything and tasting it , maybe ?!

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