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message 1: by Msusieq (new)

Msusieq (msusieq11) | 2 comments I've been listening to Audible titles for a couple of years now and usually listen via the Audible app on my iPhone. There are times I really want to speed up playback but when I do so via the Audible app, the audio is distorted. Does anyone have any suugestions of other apps to use? I'v tried iTunes but there is no 1.5x speed 2x speed is too fast. Thanks, loads.

message 2: by John L (new)

John L (philipblake) | 2 comments How distorted do you mean? I listen to my audible almost exclusively at 1.5 speed and while there is always a little bit of adjusting to the new speed after a while of listening it sounds perfectly fine.

message 3: by Calvin (new)

Calvin | 4 comments try going into settings on the app and there is an option for high quality. see if that works.

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