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"The Legacy: Fate" by G.G. Atcheson - September 3-9

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message 1: by J.J. (new)

J.J. DiBenedetto | 651 comments Author Name: GG Atcheson
Book Title: The Legacy: Fate
Genre: Paranormal/Sci-fi
Reader Age Range: 16+
Content Warnings (ex.Violence):Some violence, some sex (not explicit) and some mild language.
Length (Word count or # of pages) 335 pages
How Many Copies: unlimited
Format(s): Mobi/Epub/PDF (Via Smashwords) I can arrange some other way if you prefer.
The Legacy: Fate

message 2: by Billie Jo (new)

Billie Jo (BookJunkie32) | 16 comments I would love to read this Pdf Thanks

message 3: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 169 comments Your email doesn't work Billie Jo. It was returned to me. I am sending you a private message on Goodreads.

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