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message 1: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Hollis (sjhollis) I've had two lots of proof copies sent to me by CreateSpace and both times the spine has been badly misaligned. Once to the left and once to the right. The second time it was also badly glued and the tops looked like they'd been hacked off with a cleaver. Even if they manage to send me a decent proof copy, how do I know what my customer's will receive buying through Amazon?? I don't know if I can trust CreateSpace. Anyone else had any probs? I'm seriously worried.

message 2: by The Fast (new)

The Fast (thefastfingers) | 27 comments Mod
I have received a copy of a book from CreateSpace from one of our clients and it looks great. :-)

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul Lovell (powerpuffgeezer) | 2 comments

My nightmare with CreateSpace is so small BUT causes me days and days of REAL stress. Still unresolved. I blogged it.. parts 1 - 6 anyhow... I've given up.

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