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F.F. McCulligan | 26 comments Dear Fellows,

This group is primarily about paranormal, dystopian, and romance literature. I have nothing against it, but I wanted to create a venue for my own kind, the fantasy folk, that we may band together and contribute, growing as writers and readers both.

I propose a topic for discussion: Violence in Fantasy.
How much is too much?
How graphic should it be?
Who is your favorite writer of battle and blood and why?
Do you put fighting in your own work?
Do we as writers have an obligation to pen a commentary on the misuse of violence or should we accept that its entertaining and dramatic and write it down for those virtues?

message 2: by F.F. (new)

F.F. McCulligan | 26 comments Fantastic Questions, F.F. I am glad you brought it up. Don't you think George R.R. Martin does his combat well? Its fast and gritty and deadly, putting high stakes on an already dramatic situation. The long awaited duel for Tyrion's life comes to mind in which Bronn first becomes his champion.

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