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How to Write an Effective Query Letter

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message 1: by Tina (new)

Tina Foster | 134 comments Mod
My book, "How to Write an Effective Query Letter" is now in print format, as well as eBook format for Kindle.

Tells how to approach acquiring editors at a publishing house and literary agents when seeking representation. There are dos and don'ts that editors and agents look for when vying for their interest in your project. Learn the best ways to approach them, and what turns them off.

Also includes how to write a working synopsis. What information to include in your query letter, and what to leave out. Also, the best way to pitch your book if you have a face to face meeting.

A must read for any writer who is wanting to interest an acquiring editor at a traditional publishers, or a literary agent when seeking representation.

Tina Foster
Author of four books on the craft of writing
and one fiction.

Visit my author page at:
Click the cover to peek inside.

For more information, visit my author web site:

Or my blog:

Good luck to all you fellow writers.

message 2: by Allan (new)

Allan Rimmer (allanrimmer) | 1 comments Hi Tina
Hi, can I get any input? Are you familiar with Taylor Street Publishing? Months ago they said they 'loved' the memoir I'd written and wanted to publish it, but since then - nothing! Have they gone out of business, does anyone have any clues?

message 3: by Tina (last edited Oct 03, 2013 03:38PM) (new)

Tina Foster | 134 comments Mod
Sorry, I don't know anything about them. Have you looked them up on line? Do they have a contact email address? If they are a vanity press, where you pay them, then I'd stay away. If you want to publish it yourself, your best bet is to go with Create space on Amazon. Or Kindle. Both are free. Publishing is changing. More and more authors are self-publishing these days. But it helps to have your work edited first.

Tina Foster
Author of four books on writing and one fiction.

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