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message 1: by Bobby (last edited Sep 15, 2013 05:36AM) (new)

Bobby Nelson | 60 comments Mod
What do you guys think of the film adaptation of American Psycho? Do you approve of Mary Harron's choice to tone down the violence and turn the volume up on the satire?

When I first saw it in theatres in 2000, I remember being surprised by many things, especially the shift in tone - much lighter and whimsical than the feeling I got from the book. It was also strange to see so much of Patrick Bateman's internal feelings externalized....the scowling and the sweating when he's with Donald Kimball. My feeling in the book was that these things were beneath the surface......

....not to say that its necessarily a bad thing though...I think the film has got something, but I'd really like to see another director take a shot at it....like Oliver Stone, who was attached to direct it at one point.

Having just rewatched U-Turn, I am certain Oliver Stone would have found have created a vibrant balance between Patrick Bateman's external experiences and his manic internal thoughts/impressions...

...Like when Sean Penn is being given a hard time by Darryl the mechanic, sometimes, even in the middle of the conversation, these weird fish-eye lens shots of Darryl grinning into the camera are thrown in....I'd love to see the same effect used when Patrick Bateman's colleague talks into a talking vagina for a split second..

message 2: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Nelson | 60 comments Mod
It's Easter Saturday in Sweden. I painted a Patrick Bateman Easter egg.

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Heather Lippert | 7 comments I want to see it. Post a pic on my page

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Heather Lippert | 7 comments I love it! ❤

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