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What was your first cozy mystery book?
Elaine Penn Elaine Sep 02, 2013 08:55AM
I was wondering when/why I started reading cozy mysteries. After I thought about it, I remembered that my first one was by the late Anne George.

Who did you first read?

My first cozy mystery was also Murder on a Girls Night Out by Anne George. That series is my all time favorite and I even re-read it every now and then. There are so many good ones out there, that it is great to know there will always be something new to look forward to.

I'e been reading cozy mysteries for so long I can't be positive. I don't believe they were even called "cozy" back then. One of the 1st series I followed was Joan Hess's "Maggody" mysteries. Then her Claire Malloy series. Anne George's Southern Sisters is a series I could ( and have) read over & over. Reminds me of a modern version of an old TV show, The Snoop Sisters. The Cat who Read Backwards was 1 of the 1st cozys I can remember reading. Don't know if it was THE 1st.

When I read all of Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek quilting novels, my daughter suggested some China Bayles books well... that led to Laura Childs' first teashop mystery, The Jasmine Moon Murder then on to Diane Mott Davidson's Goldy Bear mysteries. Then on to any and all Cozy mysteries I could find in our few libraries. I am not able to afford to purchase them and if I could afford them (which I would love) I no longer have the space to store them! I really and truly enjoyed the Southern Sisters books when I finally found them. I have been reading all my life, I am 64 soon to be 65. I did not discover cozy mysteries until about 2010 or 2011! This genre is so enjoyable and relaxing!

Does Nancy Drew Count? "...Hidden Staircase" January 1958

My first cozy was an Agatha Christie, although I didn't know this was a cozy because I never did hear they were called that. By now I have read all her books more than once. Another lovely cozy series are the books about Agatha Raisin by M.C.Beaton. I love them. From there one I am searching for other nice series. At the moment I am readind The Donut Hole Mysteries, I like them very much.

Rita Mae Brown Wish you were here. Love the cat. I still watch for stories with cats in them.

My first Cozy was by Agatha Christie, but I can't remember which one I started with, though I ended up reading all of her books. That was back in '70 & I'm still loving cozies. I was so sad when I learned Anne George had passed away. Peggy, I didn't realize that was a real statue! I also love Diane Mott Davidson, Livia J. Washburn, Nancy Cohen, Ayelet Waldman, Monica Ferris, Alissa Craig, Hannah Reed & Leslie Meier. Gee, there are so many, I could go on & on! Happy reading to all!

Linda Just too many to list anywhere! LOL! Hopefully, finding new ones every visit to the library or bookstore!
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Someone from Colorado introduced me to the Diane Mott Davidson books and once I read the first one I couldnt wait for the next. The main character, Goldie and her developing catering business was an excellent menu for murder. Anne George came along later but she captured my southern heart enough to want to go to Birmingham just to see the statue mentioned in all of her books. Mary Alice and Patricia Ann are delightful sisters through and through.

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