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message 1: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2088 comments Mod
Starting this week with A Rake's Midnight Kiss by Anna Campbell and The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson.

message 2: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2088 comments Mod
Scratch Rae Carson's TBK. I'm gonna read Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, book 2 in The Throne of Glass series. This way I can end the week with Rae Carson's finale and I won't feel so antsy for SJM final book in her series. lol!

message 3: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2093 comments Mod
Sarah Mayberry's Favorite Rival and Mary Jo Putney's new book. Just finished Carr's the hero which was ok and Pamela Morsi's Love Overdue which I thought was great--not as moving as some of her books but a true delight.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1017 comments Sorry, I posted this in last week's thread by mistake.
I'm halfway through The Ruin of a Rogue. Marcus has turned the tables on our "spoiled" heiress. Cue some creepy music...

message 5: by Bernadette (new)

Bernadette | 8 comments Book 14 of the Argeneau series Hungry for You

message 6: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Just started Maisey Yates's His Ring Is Not Enough. I still need a "Y" author for the alphabet reading challenge, and I've heard good things about her HPs. The heroine has secretly loved the hero for years, which is one of my favorites tropes.

Then into the bonanza of new historicals by Katharine Ashe, Kieran Kramer, Anna Campbell, Erin Knightley, Shana Galen, and Miranda Neville. I want to read them all likerightnow, but I'll start with Anna's so I'll be ready to chat with her the day of her visit to the book club thread. What day will that be? The 9th?

message 7: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2088 comments Mod
Yes, the 9th, Theresa :))

message 8: by Irisheyes (new)

Irisheyes | 896 comments Read Sarah Mayberry's novella HER FAVORITE TEMPTATION and absolutely loved Leah and Will!! Downloaded HER FAVORITE RIVAL and will start on that after I finish Mary Balogh's THE ARRANGEMENT.

message 9: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Thanks, Okie! I'll be sure to stop in. Anna's so much fun to chat with.

OT: Are any of you GR librarians? If so, could you message me? My editor gave me a new series name for my Season books and I need to make a listing change.

message 10: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2093 comments Mod
Just finished Grace Burrowes " Gabriel."
As always v mixed feelings. Lovely writing (although she should stop using one instead of I) , the depiction of the little girl was charming
, the motivation of Polly and Allie were convincing . And her depiction of the period and its social constraints is improving. But her plotting is so appalling its distracting. I started to list all te problems...
And it makes no sense at all that Gabriel knows Polly's secret and doesn't tell her either that he loves her or that her secret doesn't bother him....

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