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message 1: by Kriss (new)

Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
What if I were to say the entirety of an human could be summed up in an animal? Not in the sense that they are inherently connected to that animal, merely similar. This would not act as some spirit guide to the Netherlands; contrarily, their is the possibility that they would feel no spiritual connection whatsoever. It would merely be an allusion to the individual themselves, a representation of who or what they were.

For the purpose of this story, allow me to say that there will be the fox, the snake, the raven, the jackal, and the cat.

Playing with this idea. I'll post a chapter shortly.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor I'm a little confused.

message 4: by Kriss (new)

Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
That... is probably to be expected. I cranked that out at 7 am getting ready for volleyball. I had a vague idea and I didn't want to forget it xD

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