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Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 12 comments Mod
Appearance: (pic is preferred. If no pic, five sentence description)
Body Shape:
Personality: (Minimum of six lines)
History: (minimum of 10 sentences)
Weapon(s): (pics if possible)

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Kensi Blye Name: Katarin Elessar
Age: 100
Species: Half Elf half Human
Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201... http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
Hair: Black and wavy, falls to mid back when it's not in a ponytail
Eyes: Cobalt blue, Changes shades with her moods
Weight: Average
Body Shape: Athletic
Personality: She's headstrong and Strong willed. She mostly takes after her father being noble and loyal to those she considers friends. She's protective of said friends and even more so of her family. She loves hanging out with her horse and her father. Shehas a close friendship with Legolas. She enjoys training with her sword Rowan and strives to be the great ruler that her Father would be proud of.
History: She was born in Rivendell and raised by her mother and Father. When she reached the age of 9 She began training by her Father in the art of Swordsmanship. Later she trained in Horsemanship by both her parents. She got her first horse which she named River http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/201... a year later. She still owns and cares for River. She was trained in Archery by her father's friend Legolas. She enjoyed staying with her parents and her parents friends. Especially Legolas and Gimlie. She is currantly training with her fellow Warriors on how to protect her homeland. She get's better every day at her Archery and Swordsmanship.
Family: Aragorn (Father), Arwen (Mother)
Likes: Horses, Her father, Training
Dislikes: Orcs,
Weapon(s): http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201... Rowan

Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 12 comments Mod

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Bridgette Name: Brin Wishsong
Age: 50 but she doesn't look that old!
Species: Elf
Appearance: Thin face with high cheek bones and narrow, arched eyebrows. She has long eyelashes and her ears are slightly more pointed than most other elves. She wears light armor that is not metal or mythril, it is the same color as her eyes and helps her blend in to forested surroundings. Brin can't stand dresses or going anywhere without her weapons. She always wears a small ruby necklace under her shirt. Brin has long(er/ish) legs and arms, typical of the elven species.
Hair: Chestnut brown, shoulder length. Often worn down, with feathers for fun.
Eyes: Forest green
Weight: Light
Body Shape: Tall, skinny, but strong with muscle.
Personality: Reserved until it comes time for a fight or important decision. Straightforward unless her goal is to confuse or mislead. A temper that seems to last forever but she disagrees. Flattery and bribery don't sway any of her opinions or desires. She wants peace but can't confess the fact because that is just about all she knows survival wise. She hates being wrong and loves knowing things that others don't.
History: Brin has no memories past 10 years ago when she woke up deep in the Fangorn Forest. There, Treebeard cared for her and she taught herself how to survive and hunt. She has traveled around quite a bit of Middle Earth but she always returns to Fangorn. She has made it a goal of hers to find the Entwives and try her hardest to stay out of other elven lands. She accidentally strayed into Mirkwood and had a rather unfriendly meeting with Legolas and a few other elves. She has always feared falling in love, Brin can't remember why. She admires wolves and would rather run than ride a horse. Brin is friends with the Eagles and frequently visits the Eagle's Erie. She also trained with the rangers for two years, disguised as a man. She flared up the rumors that the Fangorn Forest was haunted and she wants to live a solitary life yet stay aware of what is going on around her forest home. She sleeps in the trees and has fully adapted to forest life. She never cuts down the trees, and if she wants to build a fire she only uses branches that have already fallen.
Family: She doesn't think she has any, her closest thing to family is Treebeard.
Likes: Talking to the trees, practicing her weapons as often as possible, surviving in rough places, and keeping unsuspicious and quiet.
Dislikes: Orcs, drawing attention to herself, cutting down trees, other elves (to a certain extent), and not being the first to figure something out.
Other: She knows her healing herbs but cant heal serious wounds. She always had a gift with staying warm in the coldest temperatures.

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Alex Name: Aryn Mavramorn
Age: looks like she is 18 but is really 80
Species: Elf
Hair: Dark earthy brown
Eyes: Bright blue
Weight: Light
Body Shape: Slim but athletic
Personality: Aryn is fun but when agravated is not the type of person you want to be in near proximity with. She likes to explore and often gets into troub;e for straying too far beyond the border. Despite her multiple punishments for disobeying the rules, (Yes you heard me right. She is an elf that disobeys rules) Aryn continues to follow her own path.
History: Aryn grew up inside the elf Kingdom, but when her father was called away to help with the war, Aryn developed a rebellious streak. She refused to listen to her mom and was often found sneaking around where she shouldn't be. When the war was over and her dad never came back, Aryn's mother fell into depression and only recently came out. During that period of time, Aryn was left to fend for herself. She learned how to leave the Kingdom undetected and began leaving for longer and longer amounts of time. Once her mother came back, she tried to be the mother Aryn wished she had, but Aryn doesn't care. Now that she is older, Aryn spends more time out side of the border than in. She prefers the peace and quiet company of the trees to her homeland. Her mother still interferes with her plans to leave sometimes. Aryn though, always has an excuse to get out of whatever her mom has planned.
Family: Dad: deceased Mom: alive
Likes: Quiet, the forest, fighting, climbing trees
Dislikes: Noise, Rules, parents
Weapon(s):http://www.arizonaflutes.com/Spears%2... ((Without all the decorations))
Other: Aryn makes her own arrows and is a professional bow-person. ((Bow- woman? Bow-man?))

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 4 comments Name: Eveline Alatariel Faladhim, of Mirkwood Forest (Her friends often call her Lina, or Aly.)

Age: She looks about 16, but she is actually about a hundred years old.

Gender: Female >.<

Appearance: Fair skin, with a few freckles. She has long, wild, curly red hair, with a few streaks of gold from her time in the sun. Her eyes are light green, like newly sprouted grass, with flecks of gold. She is slightly short for an Elf. She's rather slim, but fairly toned. She's stronger than one might think at first glance. She often wears her hair pulled back in a long braid; sometimes she even dresses as a male so that warriors will take her more seriously.

Personality: She will do anything to stick up for her friends, and has no small amount of courage. Unfortunately, this often crosses over into recklessness. Although composed most of the time, a well-worded insult could potentially spark her anger. She is very sarcastic, and makes jokes often at others' expense. She isn't afraid to laugh at herself, though. She is rather mistrusting of people who she doesn't know, and uses her sarcastic wit to test their limits and probe them for a reaction. To those who appreciate her humour, she is very likeable; but many an unsmiling man has lashed out at her. Because of this, she is hardened, and very tough. She has also been traveling for most of her life, so she can survive on her own. She is also very intelligent.

Weapons: She fights best with a long sword, but can work pretty well with a bow and arrows. She is also talented at hang-to-hand combat.

Talents/Hobbies: Eveline, charmed by the beautiful sound of the violin as a child, had crafted one out of a tall Mirkwood tree when she was lost in the woods to keep her company. She named the violin Daenerys, and would play it as ferociously as the dragon breathes. After decades of years of practice, she has become quite the violin master. She also sings often while playing, and can produce a lovely duet between the two "instruments". She cannot dance for her life, but when she is playing, she can bound and leap and prance about like no one in this world. She considers Daenerys to be her one true friend, but is still rather lonely, and seeks friendly companionship. Often, when she is alone and unable to play Daenerys, her fingers twitch as if they are still playing.

History: When she was born, her father Thranduil had wished for a male heir. Because of this, he sent a servant to take her deep into Mirkwood forest and kill her in the quickest way possible. He hadn't wanted anyone to know about the child, and wanted her death (necessary in his eyes) to be as quick and painless as possible. The servant, however, thought that it would be a waste of a perfectly good life, and left her on the forest floor alive, hoping that fate would be kind. She was found by a mother wolf, who took her in and kept her alive. Although they tolerated her somewhat, she was always shunned by the pack, but when she defeated her biggest rival with her bare hands at the age of 7, they held her in grudging respect. Meanwhile, Thranduil had another child, by the name of Legolas. Legolas would never know about his older sister, at least while he lived in Mirkwood. Eventually, Eveline left the pack, but one of her old rivals followed her, a young pup. Although he didn't like her, he was curious about her combat skills. After a year, they became best friends and hunting partners. Eveline wants to find out about her true parentage, and to know if she has siblings. She speculates that she's from Mirkwood, but knows not that Thranduil is her father. She has unfortunately (for Thranduil) vowed to punch her father in the face when she discovers his true identity. She now travels around Middle Earth searching for her Elven kin, and yearning for adventure. She joins adventuring parties when she's bored.

Likes: Most animals; she also loves to ride horses. She looooves adventure and the feeling of combat. Unlike her father, she has a strong affinity for dwarves, and would rather feast with them than with fellow elves. She loves to eat meat, and loves to sing and laugh.

Dislikes: She hates people who are conceited, and hates all that is unnatural. She also hates that which is evil, and will destroy it whenever she can.

Other: Her only other "true friend" is a silver wolf whom she befriended while lost in Mirkwood forest. The wolf was killed by an Orc, however. What happened to the Orc, you might ask? In answer, I will tell you that Eveline ties her braided hair with a band of Orc sinew. She also has two necklaces that she never removes: One of a wolf, howling at the moon; and one of a dragon.
Once when she was 6 years old exploring Mirkwood with the wolf pack, she met an old hermit, who prophecized that she would help to save the world one day. He said that she would not be only, however, and she has also been searching Middle Earth for those who would accompany her.

*So sorry, but I do not know how to make the text bold! ^^

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