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Marcus Lee Well, I think the clone wars is an add on...

message 2: by Lynx (new)

Lynx YAY!!! STAR WARS!!! What do we talk about...?

Claire Well, this is a Star Wars discussion, and there's just so much in Star Wars to talk about...where do we start?

Marcus Lee Um... I think we start at when we talk about who should die first. Count Dooku or Darth Maul.

Claire I personally think Darth Maul was killed off WAY too soon. Rather than just kill him off in The Phantom Menace and replace him with Count Dooku, he should have been in Count Dooku's role in the first three movies, so that his eventual death would have more of an impact.

Marcus Lee Darth Maul was killed in the first episode. So it doesn't matter. I think Darth Maul should die first, or else the movie wouldn't go on! Plus! Yoda was still training count Dooku anyways so he couldn't have been in the dark side when he was training to be a Jedi!

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