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Books where the female lead gets hurt.
Erin Erin Sep 02, 2013 04:42AM
So lately, I have been really into book scenes where the female lead gets physically hurt by another person and the male lead gets super pissed off and protective in response, maybe even feels a little guilty because it might have been his fault she was in the situation to begin with.

My most recently read book with a scene along these lines is "Truth" by Aleatha Romig. I also recently read "Shades of Gray" by Maya Banks in which the entire storyline is based on such an occurrence.

I know there are many others, so what are the best ones in your opinion?

deleted member Nov 09, 2013 01:40PM   0 votes
Try the "Rock Chick" series by Kristen Ashley! You will love those books! All the male leads are super possessive and protective. And I think in 3 of the book the female lead gets physically hurt, but the books are so funny and nice!

Christine Feehan's Hidden Currents is possibly the all time most memorable books of that sort that I can remember. However, it is the last of seven books/novellas about seven sisters, so you lose out if you don't read the whole series. It both adds to your understanding of what's going on in the last book and adds to the emotional impact. Some of the first few books drug a bit for me, but once I got about halfway through, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the next one.

Lynn (last edited Jan 08, 2014 05:12PM ) Jan 08, 2014 05:12PM   0 votes
Have you read the rest of the KGI series by Maya Banks? Several of those books include those elements. You might also try the I-Team series by Pamela Clare and all of the books by Christy Reece. You might also like Lauren Dane's series starting with Laid Bare, and the Real series by Katy Evans.

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