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message 1: by Christie (new)

Christie (CJ838) | 50 comments Please post your favourite quotes from the books.

message 2: by Christie (new)

Christie (CJ838) | 50 comments # City of Bones
"If you were half as funny as you thought you were, my boy, you'd be twice as funny as you are."

"That's why it's generally better not to ask him anything unless you know you can stand to hear the answer."

"Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt."

"Then you'll see the world as it is - infinite."

"The descent into Hell is easy."

"That to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed."

"There is a fine line between sarcasm and outright hostility."

"To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both seems like carelessness."

"Half of your attention is better than all of anyone else's."

"Where there is feeling that is not requited," said Hodge,
"There is an imbalance of power. It is an imbalance that is easy to exploit, but it is not a wise course. Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side."

"He is, actually. less sharp-edged, somehow. It's not so much that he's kinder, but that he lets you see the kindness in him.

message 3: by Christie (new)

Christie (CJ838) | 50 comments # City of Ashes

"I know your streets, sweet city, I know the demons and angels that flock and roost in your boughs like birds.
I know you, river, as if you flowed through my heart.
I am your warrior daughter.
There are letters made of your body as a fountain is made of water.
There are languages of which you are the blueprint and as we speak them the city rises..."

"It had been like opening up a vein of something unknown inside her body, something hotter and sweeter and bitterer than blood."

"Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it be bestowed, like a favour, to those most deserving of it."

"What do you want me to tell you? The truth? The truth is that I love Simon like I should love you, and I wish he was my brother and you weren't, but I can't do anything about that and neither can you."

"You don't understand," he said. His voice shook. "I've never felt this way about anyone. I didn't think I could. I thought - the way I grew up - my father -"
"To love is to destroy."

"I won't be kissing you again. You can count on that."

"I remember you saying that growing up happens when you start having things you look back on and wish you could change."

"Love takes your choices away."

"Oh, you know. Jace reminds me of an old boyfriend. Some guys look at you like they want sex. Jace looks at you like you've already had sex, it was great, and now you're just friends - even though you want more. Drives girls crazy you know what I mean?"

"The closer it is to the heart, the more effective."

"The greatest fear in Jonathan's life is the love he feels for his sister."

"You never will. I'm not leaving you. But i'd rather have what we have, which is real and true and important, than have you pretend anything else. When I'm with you, I want to know I'm with the real you, the real Clary."

"Every time you almost die, I almost die myself." (ohhhh love it!)

message 4: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments "You must have been pretty sure I was a shadowhunter to give me a rune that could have killed me." " I was 90% sure." She slaps Jace across the face. "What the hell was that for?", asks Jace. Clary replies, "That's for the other ten percent."


message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

How could they not put that in the movie ?!???!

And omg yes all the ones
Before that are great

message 6: by Joya (new)

Joya | 106 comments It was a really good one:)

message 7: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments I KNOW! I was so upset at that :(

message 8: by -Athina- (new)

-Athina- (_athena_) | 16 comments I love the one about Jace making you feel like you already had sex with him and now you're just friends even if you want more ! :)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah it's so exact and true

message 10: by -Athina- (new)

-Athina- (_athena_) | 16 comments I never met such a guy though

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Me neither

message 12: by -Athina- (new)

-Athina- (_athena_) | 16 comments they just exist in books *sigh* :)

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah... Books are family, and it's in them you have the best time of your life and you meet some pretty great people ;)))
I wish I could meet Simon

message 14: by -Athina- (new)

-Athina- (_athena_) | 16 comments you're absolutely right !
yes or Magnus :)

message 15: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments I want to meet Magnus, Jace, and Will. It would be a dream come true if these stories were real!!!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I wanna meet Simon and Magnus
I feel like I've already met Jace

message 17: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments Lol. What's funny though is Magnus is real. He's modeled after Cassie's friend. She said they talk, act, and look the same. I need to see a pic of him!

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah ikr!!!! It's so awesome!!!

message 19: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments I have a feeling that I'd get along with him really well ;) gotta love being different lolz.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah I feel that ;)

message 21: by Allison (new)

Allison Janezic (allilj) | 120 comments Inda Herwood wrote: ""You must have been pretty sure I was a shadowhunter to give me a rune that could have killed me." " I was 90% sure." She slaps Jace across the face. "What the hell was that for?", asks Jace. Clary..."

Me too. I loved that scene.

message 22: by Flavia (new)

Flavia | 50 comments But if you can't tell the truth to the people you care about the most, eventually you stop being able to tell the truth to yourself

message 23: by Christie (new)

Christie (CJ838) | 50 comments Love that one :)

message 24: by T.J. (new)

T.J. | 111 comments "Sarcasm is a last resort for the imaginatively bankrupt"--Clary

message 25: by T.J. (new)

T.J. | 111 comments Or however she says it.

message 26: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments Then I haven't had money in my bank for years lol.

message 27: by -Athina- (new)

-Athina- (_athena_) | 16 comments “I am a man" he told her, "and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone woman, and bring me something brown.”

message 28: by Christie (new)

Christie (CJ838) | 50 comments # City of Glass

"There's nothing inspirational about blaming the lightwoods for everything_"

"You did a hell of a lot more than send her home. You destroyed her. Did you see her face?

"Why do you do these things to yourself? Not just what you did to the window, but the way you talked to Clary. What are you punishing yourself for? You can't help how you feel.

"And you can't have her. Maybe you just never knew what it was like to want something you couldn't have before."

"You don't though. You just like me because I'm safe. There's no risk."

Jace knew he was being cruel, and he barely cared. Hurting people he loved was almost as good as hurting himself when he was in this kind of mood.

"First Clary, then your hand, now me. To hell with you Jace."

"You don't believe me?" Jace asked. "Fine. Go ahead. Kiss me right now."

"Love makes us liars," said Jace

"I'm glad you want to get to know me. But I just don't have the energy to get to know you, sorry."

"I think'" he said, "There isn't much that Jace wouldn't do for you, if you asked him."

"Regret is such a pointless emotion, don't you agree?"

"I felt like you were someone I'd always been waiting for. I saw you felt it too. Don't tell me you didn't"

"Sebastian?" His look of utter astonishment was momentarily gratifying.

and in her mind the words I'll just be your brother from now on, just your brother beat like the rhythm of a damaged heart.

"But God knows, I don't want anyone but you. I don't even want to want anyone but you."

"You think you only want me because you're evil, not human. You just want something else you can hate yourself for. I won't let you use me to prove to yourself how worthless you are."

"You had to make a crazy jail friend, didn't you? You couldn't just count ceiling tiles or tame a pet mouse like normal prisoners do."

"Sometimes diseased plants must be culled to preserve the whole garden," said valentine

"In fact, it wouldn't hurt if you just spent the next few days inside. You can lock yourself in your room like Isabelle."
"I'm not going to do that."
"Of course you're not," said Jace,
"because you live to torture me, don't you?"

About the first time I ever saw you, and how after that I couldn't forget you. I wanted to, but I couldn't stop myself. I forced Hodge to let me be the one who came to find you and bring you back to the institute. And even back then, in that stupid coffee shop. When I saw you sitting on that couch with Simon, even then that felt wrong to me - I should have been the one sitting with you. The one who made you laugh like that. I couldn't get rid of that feeling. That it should have been me. And the more I knew you, the more I felt it - it had never been like that for me before. I'd always wanted a girl and then gotten to know her and not wanted her anymore, but with you the feeling just got stronger and stronger until that night when you showed up at Renwick's and I knew.

"And I'm supposed to sit by while you date boys, fall in love with someone else, get married...?"

"I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then."

She laced her fingers through his. "Goodnight," she whispered, and her hand clasped in Jace's as if they were children in a fairy tale, she fell asleep beside him in the dark.

"So technically," Simon said, "even though Jace isn't actually related to you, you have kissed your brother."

Whatever doesn't kill me... Had better start running

I loved you, so I drew these tides of men into my hands and wrote my will across the sky in stars.

I can't untie myself from you, Clary - not my heart or my blood or my mind or any other part of me. And I don't want to.

but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely, I still do. If you want me."

message 29: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments "You are an idiot."

"Never claimed I wasn't." Freaking love Jace.

message 30: by Abby (new)

Abby (huge_bookworm) | 118 comments @ Christie
What ever doesn't kill me.... Had better start running.


message 31: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 129 comments Holy crap I said the same thing to my sister!!!!

message 32: by Eri (new)

Eri (musicspeaksforemotionsunsaid) | 123 comments Does anyone know any good quotes from Magnus? I have too many from Jace lol

message 33: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments "We came to see Jace. Is he alright?"
"I don't know," Magnus said." Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?"

- Magnus Bane, City of Ashes

message 34: by Rachel (new)

Rachel 'Come in and try not to murder any of my guests.'
-Magnus Bane, City of Bones

message 35: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments "I have a feeling you're right, Sherwin".
"Simon. My name is Simon."

- City of lost souls ^.^

message 36: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Get over here. Sheldon's had an idea."
"Who's Sheldon?", said Isabelle.”

-City of Lost Souls

message 37: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments “Usually I'm remarkably good natured. Try me on a day that doesn't end in y.”

message 38: by Sam (new)

Sam Cooper | 24 comments 13bullets who said that!! I can't remember!

message 39: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments "If only Simon were here. He could probably bore you to sleep."

- Jace, City of bones

message 40: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Hi Sam jace said that. But i can't remember which book. Sorry :/

message 41: by Sam (new)

Sam Cooper | 24 comments Thought so. Haha sounded a lot like him. Thanks :)

message 42: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Not problem ;p
Haha yes only Jace or Magnus have such funny quotes^^

message 43: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Do you have a favourite quote?

message 44: by Sam (new)

Sam Cooper | 24 comments Me?

message 45: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Yes

message 46: by Sam (new)

Sam Cooper | 24 comments Probably the one that you said. "If only Simon was here. He could probably bore you to death." Or the one that I asked about :)

message 47: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments So you're more "Team Jace"?

message 48: by Sam (new)

Sam Cooper | 24 comments Defiantly. How about you? Team Jace or Team Simon?

message 49: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Jace! Simon is too...nice. At least in my opinion :)

message 50: by 13bullets (new)

13bullets | 70 comments Sadly boys like jace don't exists, okay let's say i never met one like him.

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