Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1-3) Percy Jackson and the Olympians question

What book do you think should have a movie and what book do you wish never got to the big screen?
Ravenna Ravenna Sep 02, 2013 03:51AM
Which one I wish didn't get a movie is easy, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. Considering Fox took a crap on the story. :(
Embers in a Dark Frost by Kelly Keaton would make a great movie though. It has a wonderful world and Deira is one of the best main characters I've ever read. But its an ebook only so that'll never happen.

Yeah everyone would have been better off if there was no Percy Jackson movie. I was really excited when I heard about it but then after watching I was upset. Did you know that the director, Chris Columbus didn't even read the books?

I wish Percy Jackson was never made into a movie, of course. I would like Delirium by Lauren Oliver to be made into a movie.

Lani Its a really good book you should check it out.
Sep 02, 2013 05:33PM
Ravenna Ok then.
Sep 02, 2013 07:26PM

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