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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Here we go! any ideas?

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cαяяιє Thanks! First off, do you prefer supernatural or realistic or something else?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) I like both! :)

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cαяяιє Okay :3 How about we do something sorta realistic?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Okay what kind?

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cαяяιє Sorry, kinda forgot about this! Let me think...

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) It's cool I need to hit the hay but write up anything you want

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cαяяιє Sorry for not responding. Ummm, here's an idea. It's not really realistic, but oh well. Okay, so the rp takes place in a dystopian type future and there is this group of kids that all have different powers, like telekinesis or superhuman strength, etc. They're being hunted down by the government for scientific experimentation and documentation. The kids all have to try and evade the hunters while learning to cope with the unnatural talents. We could have a romance in their too, if you'd like. I don't care how many kids we each have, we could doubles or if you want, singles. Any amount works with me :)

What do you think? I'm kinda just throwing that out there...

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) ooo I LIKE! lets do doubles and add as we go! XD

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cαяяιє Thank you :3 One boy and one girl each, right?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Yes! :)

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cαяяιє Sweet. I have to go out and eat dinner with some of my friends, but I'll try and get my charries up before i leave.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Cool!

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cαяяιє Sorry it took me so long to reply, but here they are!

Name: Serena Leahy
Nickname: Ren
Age: 18
Power: The sound of Ren's voice can put anyone into a trance that makes them do whatever she says.
Appearance: description
Personality: Ren is fairly down to earth. She is normally the peace keeper, calming people with her soothing words and voice when trouble arises. She is good at building people up and getting things done. Even though she's always confident in others, she lacks confidence in herself. She underestimates herself constantly.
History: tbrp
Name: James Aherne
Age: 17
Power: James can run at the speed of light. He is fast, too fast to see when he's running with all his might.
Appearance: description
Personality: James can get full of himself at times, but always knows when not to cross the line. He can actually be sweet and kinds, but doesn't always show it like most people would. He is very protective of those he loves and is smart. He is a leader.
History: tbrp

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Name: Diana Chambers
Nickname: Dy
Age: 17
Power: She has the ability to possess superhuman levels of hand-to-hand fighting skills and excel in various forms of combat.
Appearance: description
Personality: Diana is very hot tempered and hot-blooded. She care about people but honestly doesn't know how to show it. She will go out of her way for her friends (if she can find some, other than her brother) and doesn't care that she is risking her life in the process. She is sarcastic and blunt, most people just stay away from her.
History: tbrp


Name: Tyler Chambers
Age: 18
Power: Tyler has the power to modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and evoke extreme fear in others.
Appearance: description
Personality: Tyler is a quiet type, prefers not to be inconvenienced or bothered, it takes a lot to phase him. He has little care for the a fairs of the world and only does things that benefits himself. He is rude and obnoxious. He only has interest in things that catch his attention which is not something people should actively seek out.
History: tbrp

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cαяяιє Awesome! I like them! Shall we start the rp now?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Thanks! I like yours as well!
YES lets rp!

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cαяяιє Sweetness! Do you want me to post first?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Yes, please.

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cαяяιє Ren was standing outside their secret home, an abandoned shed in a large field surrounded by trees. She was looking for a sign that anyone had seen them coming to their home, hopefully no one had. She had made sure the others were careful not to be seen, but if there was someone out there, she would have to convince them not to tell anyone. Which would be quite easy considering her power was making people do what she says. She only used it when necessary, but couldn't help pulling a couple of pranks on her friends once in a while.

James had just entered the abandoned shed, when he immediately took stock of his surroundings. The building had only one room, but they could make it work. It was pretty big, a luxury the last place they had stayed at didn't offer. He took off his backpack, filled with food, a blanket, and a canteen of water. He had lived his whole life on the run from the government and had learned how to pack light.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) "God why is everyone being to silent and uptight. We are safe, Tyler already did that weird mind-check thingy." Diana said breaking the silence that always consumed the moment they returned home. She fell down onto a bean bag chair. Some dust flew into the air once she did. She sighed, looking up at the ceiling. She was tired of all this useless running. She wanted to fight. She wanted to kill the bastard scientists and government not runaway from them.

Tyler walked into the building without much of a word. He glanced at his idiot and reckless sister as she spoke. "It's called mind sensing." he corrected her then walked to his corner and took out one of his books to read. He gave another glance around the room, looking at Ren, James and his sister before completely immersing himself in his reading. Of course, he always kept his mind field out for anyone suspicious or drawing near.

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cαяяιє Ren looked at the others and smiled. So far so good, she thought to herself. She considered it a pretty successful move herself, no one seemed to have seen them, at least not yet. She moved towards the corner where Tyler had sat and was currently reading. The others seemed to leave him alone for the most part, due to his streak of being rude and obnoxious, but she didn't mind. She sat down next to him and asked, "Watcha reading?"

James zipped his backpack back up and let it drop to the floor. He felt like patting himself on the back for getting them all to this place. He had to admit, he was good. Not wanting to sit down because he didn't like staying still, James ran around the perimeter around the room a couple of times. So fast you could hardly see him, just hear his feet pound against the hard floor.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Tyler kept his eyes on his book when Ren approached him. She seemed to do that a lot lately. He had already peeked into her mind as he always did. She was an easy and interesting person to play with. Especially once you push her. He slowly trapped her mind, allowing her to believe that nothing has changed. "Tell me Ren, why do you push yourself to speak to me?" he said as they laid in her subconscious. He stood up and walked dangerously close to her. "Do you have a crush on me? Tell me Ren." he spoke to her it was a soft but darkened tone.

Diana had began closing her eyes for a brief moment but couldn't manage the sleep because of James's constant pound. She listened to his rhythm and the minute he was close, she tripped him causing him to fall against the wall. "Could you relax for a minute? I'm trying to take a nap." she told him.

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cαяяιє Ren watched as Tyler came dangerously close to her. She knew he could get into her mind, but couldn't feel anything different. It was almost funny how he could play with her mind, almost, if it weren't quite so intimidating. She swallowed hard and forced herself to look into Tyler's eyes. "Yes, I mean, no, I mean I don't have a crush on you," she said quietly to him.

James looked up at Dianna for a tense moment before busting out in laughter. "Oh come on, Dianna. You know you love my running." He smirked at her and winked before getting back onto his feet and brushing off dust particles off of his pants.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Tyler moved closer, his lips inches from hers. He stared down into her eyes. "Ren......you don't have any feelings towards me?" he said to her. He brushed a strand of her hair away. His mind could see and hear everything. He smiled at her, then touched her lips. "Be a good girl and leave me alone Ren. Otherwise, I won't stop myself from reminding you of your deepest darkest nightmares. Remember you're not that useful to me." he told her with cold eyes before he disappeared from her mind and she was back to reality.

"The only person that loves your running is you." Diana said as she stood up and looked at him. She then headed toward the door. "I'm heading out, I'll be back soon" she told them. She needed air and to pound her fist into something solid. She walked swiftly, throwing her hoodie over her head as she moved into an alley then entered the crowded filled streets.

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cαяяιє Ren felt a small shiver run down her spine at Tyler's touch. She had never been that close to a guy before, but tried to hide that fact. Not that she thought it would do much good, since he was inside of her mind, but still she tried. As soon as he stepped away and released her mind, she let out a deep breathe she hadn't realized she was holding. It was like she had been gone and was now back. With her head back in reality, her will hardened. She narrowed her eyes at Tyler, but said nothing. She just took another step back and turned so she was facing the center of the room again. Without looking back at him, she said, "I know you have a heart Tyler, and I will keep trying to bring it out. I'm not going to quit, so might as well get used to that. You can't scare me away, remember that when you get bored of these little games you play."

James continued to smirk as Diana walked outside. He walked over to a couch and sat down, but found that he couldn't just sit still. It wasn't a part of him to do nothing, he had to be in motion. So he got up and decided to head to a store or something and get better supplies.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Tyler never moved from his place. He was still reading his book as if nothing even happened. A small smiled danced on his lips as he heard her words. "Glad you see there is a game. Now it can advance" he whispered in her mind. He was going to not only make sure she quit, but that she regretted it. This game of his just got alot more interesting. He returned to focusing on his book when he sensed another's presence. "We have unwanted company, be a dear and solve the problem" he told her with a look.

Diana had wondered aimless, until she stupidly got herself lost. She sighed, scratching her head. "Which way is west?" she thought out loud as she glanced at the moon as she concentrated. However, that concentration was easily broken by a some random man bumping into her. "Hey watch it asshole!" she snarled when she noticed the man heading into a club. And it wasn't just any club, it was a fight club. She grinned excitedly and headed in.

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cαяяιє Rens jaw tightened as she heard Tyler's voice in her mind. His taunting just made her that much more determined not to give up. She wouldn't let him make a fool out of her and she knew he did have a heart, even if he wouldn't admit it to anyone. When he told her there was someone there, she picked up the pace and walked out to the front door, listening for footsteps.

James walked out onto a busy street, he could see all kinds of people around, but no one who looked to suspicious. He walked across the road and entered the local grocery store. He picked out a few items that they needed, but only things that wouldn't go bad for a while in case they had to leave quickly again. He got into the cashier line and patiently waited for his items to be scanned.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Tyler stood up and was now alert. He glanced tried to reach his sister and James but James was the only one closest enough. "James, we have intruders. Ren is assessing the situation. You better help her" he said directly into James's mind. Once he gave his messenge, he attempted to reach his sister again. "That idiot, where is she?" he muttered, he checked his mindfield to identify the intruders. There were more than two and weren't average.

It didn't take Diana long before she was in the ring fighting some dudes. She grinned as she watched her overgrown opponent who was twice her size. She had already taken down four of the men in the ring.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson sugar" the hairy overgrown beast told her as he made his approach.

"I'd like to see your hairy ass try" she told him. And instantly the fight began. She was quick, dodging everything and before long, the guy was on the ground and out. It only had taken one punch to the throat. She grinned, jumping happily in the air. She hadn't let out so much frustration in forever.

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cαяяιє Ren slowly crept towards the front door of the shed, careful to make no sound incase the 'visitors' weren't looking for a peaceful verbal exchange. She was aware of Tyler behind her, most likely trying to contact the others who seemed to have disappeared. Her heartbeat and breathing remained normal as she got closer and closer to the door. She had trained herself to keep a calm facade during all circumstances, that way she would be able to think clearly without the scrambledness that came from fear and anxiety. Very quietly, she spoke to Tyler, "How many are there? Can you give me a heads up about what I'll be dealing with?"

James was just checking out his items when he heard Tyler's voice suddenly interrupt his thoughts. It took all of his training not to jump out of his skin and drop the carton of eggs he was holding. Instead he focused on what Tyler had said. If they had intruders, that could mean the government had located them. N wanting to waste a precious second of his time, James ran out of the store without grabbing his grocery bags and crossed the street, cutting of a few angry drivers. He had to get back there and help them. But hadn't Diana left also? He wondered if Tyler had managed to get a hold of her... she couldn't have gone to far away, right? He shrugged and continued on his way to the house, hoping Diana would have enough sense to come back.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Tyler kept trying to contact his sister but nothing was happening. He frowned. She couldn't have been captured? No, she is too strong to get taken down so easily. Than again she is an idiot. he thought with irritation and worry. He scanned for the amount of intruders. There were five and seemed to be calling in for more people. "We have five. Two on the right. Another two coming from the back and one calling the shots is in the car." he told her. "They will be more in about 9 minutes." he said. "It seems I'll have to assist, I'll take the back. James will be here in a few seconds." he said then relayed to James the information he needed.

Diana was now taking two fighters at a time. She analyzed their movements and before anyone knew it, she was using their own fighting techniques against them. She felt a rush of energy as she dismantled her opponents. When she finally had enough fun, she got out of the ring and grabbed a drink. She noticed a figure in a hoodie watching her and she glanced at him. He smiled at her and his eyes glowed red. Her eyes widened and she moved to head toward him but by time she walked over to him, the guy was gone.

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