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Yossarian 221 well i was reading this book out of curiosity but it struck me that is bears many similarities with recently famous TWILIGHT..! well here are some clues main character is shy,never before proposed my anyone! is attracted to a man with something very bad, and he is attracted towards her(he can't read her thoughts) she is also affectionate to her father(step). her mother is also like let us try new one. grey is also adapted , here also there is some one who loves her a lot (jose). and many more!

Megan It started off as Twilight fan fic, the author even shares this info on her site. I'm shocked at how many people DON'T know this! I knew this before I even thought about picking up the series.

Although I did not get into the Twilight books my college roommate did and she forced me to watch all the (surprisingly good) movies so I saw the similarities too.

Sarah Venkatesh wrote: "well i was reading this book out of curiosity but it struck me that is bears many similarities with recently famous TWILIGHT..! well here are some clues main character is shy,never before proposed ..."

i totally agree i have said this loads of times

 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ It doesn't surprise me that many people still don't know that Shades started as a Twilight fanfic. Alot of people, like myself, aren't big on reading fanfics. Though I did know that Shades started as a Twilight fanfic before I read it cos I am a twilight (the books/movie) fan myself.

Mary-Sarah I'm always surprised as well. I am not a fanfic reader (unless you count the B2K fanfic I read back in '03 :) ) I caught the 50 Shades train pretty late. By the time I got around to reading it, confirmed movies were being thought out, EL was making appearances, every time someone on TV mentioned it they mentioned the inspiration as well. etc. Unless you read it straight off the "printing press" I would imagine everyone knew.

To answer your question, you may see similarities because the author wrote her novel based on the Twilight series.

MaryReadsRomance I actually liked the original Master of the Universe fan fiction better than the revised 50 Shades because of the play off of Twilight! Without the insider references, frankly some things and behaviors just make no sense.. (see my review for more on that ...)

To make law suites less likely etc. , EL James was encouraged to change the names and physical characteristics of her main characters. In some cases, she even swapped their roles (i.e. Christian’s Mother became the Doctor VS his Father).

Sadly, she also took out and did not include many Edward/Christian outtakes which many of us are hoping she will republish as a Christian POV.

MaryReadsRomance There are actually MANY top selling romance books that were Twi Fan Fic in origin that I read and recognize from before: 50 Shades (aka Master of the Universe), The Bastard (aka The Office), Million Dirty Secrets (aka Mission Dollar Baby), The Darkness of Perfection (aka ?can't remember), Gabriel's Inferno (aka ?Dante's Inferno),etc. Sorry I'll look those up... it's been a while.

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MaryReadsRomance Look no further, there is a Good Reads list

All are former Twi Fan Fict from 1st one through Clipped Wings - I recognize and loved as Twi Fan Fict. Some top favorites are missing like A Million Dirty Secrets (which has been getting nasty reviews as a fan fict sell out but actually pre-dates many other fan ficts pulled to pub).

There is a HUGE backlog of Twilight fan fict and there is many other fan fict categories like Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc.

There has been such a boom in self pub that I now suspect anything from a new author I read as having had a possible origin in fan fiction.

Some fan fict. and self pub can be very good (like 50 Shades and the other above). But sometimes it is tough to shift through the chafe. Generally the published ones that make the lists are the most popular ones that already have a fan base.

Because ANYONE can in theory publish a book now, I like to alternate new authors with old authors so I don't lose too much ground in my standards of what I think a decent and good read is (to a person on a steady diet of bad food, any palatable food seems like a gourmet feast).

I also switch around in an effort to keep my own "inner goddess" vocabulary and grammar skills from degrading too much - that is any more than they have already, LOL.

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