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Stacy  okun Stacy Sep 01, 2013 09:12PM
Has Anyone read The Red Tent?? It was chosen for my book club last night and Im not sure if its something that I would be interested in. Any thoughts

I enjoyed this book and borrowed it out and never got it back so I bought another copy to reread in the future. Don't be afraid to read it or any book for that matter. You don't have to continue reading if you don't like it so get a copy at the library or at a low price.

I read it, gave it my daughter (17) then, she read it, my mom read it, let a friend read it, never got it back had to buy a second copy. Everyone I talked to about it has loved it. It's one of my favorites. Definitely give it a go. If its not your cup of tea you don't have to finish it.

I loved it. There is a strong theme of feminism that runs through it, or rather I should say the empowerment of women, which on the face of it is odd in a polygamous household, but really well done. The bonds of women.

one of my favorite books!

I also read this a couple of years ago and loved it. Excellent!

I'm happy to see this book universally recommended. I have my copy!!

I was reluctant to read this book but at the end it made me cry.

I'd say give it a go - maybe borrow it from your local library to 'try before you buy'. I chose it awhile back for our group simply on the cover art! Back then we were a group of 10 and there was an even spread of likes-meh among us, yet all this time later - as a group of gals - we still invoke the 'Red Tent' moment, when one of us has a need of girl power to get us by.

The Red Tent is highly commendable for it discusses the bond that the women -- ancient and modern -- should have. The weaving of an intricate story, using the voice of Dina, is so great that you can finish the book in one sitting. I am a man but I have loved the book written by and for women.

This is a very good book, almost anyone I talk to that read it, really liked the book. I was reluctant to read it, but was drawn into the storytelling very early on.

I read it several years ago and loved it. It was very different from my usual choices and I found it fascinating.

I read this book a few years ago and loved it. In fact, I should read it again. . .

As everyone has noted, this was a read for me many years this day I recommend this to those who love books. If you have $ 1 bookstores in your town, you probably will find it. You also may be able to get it used at, too. Author is powerful and you feel the sand gritting your skin as you read. Enjoy

yes, i would recommend it. borrow it from your local library

Stacy okun well I ended up buying it on my e-reader for pretty cheap. I really liked it!! a few of the girls in my book club couldnt get into it, but I enjoyed i ...more
Sep 20, 2013 11:33PM

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