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message 1: by Glenn (last edited Sep 01, 2013 07:06PM) (new)

Glenn Ogura | 2 comments Hi:
I am newly published author of a fiction thriller Startup. I describe it as "Michael Crichton meets John Grisham."

"This skilled debut author raises questions about the Silicon Valley business world with an action-packed narrative."
"Ogura shows deft skills at crafting a well-written narrative that is cohesive and logical."
"Startup will appeal to readers who want to root for the "little guy."
-- Foreword Reviews

I am looking for early readers. If you have an interest and wish to read the book and post a review on Amazon and goodreads, please let me know and I can send you a free book.

Thanks ...

Glenn Ogura (author Startup)

message 2: by Kirby (new)

Kirby | 11 comments Hi Glenn- I just now saw this, or I would have responded earlier. Being a fan of both Crichton and Grisham, I would be willing to give an honest review in exchange for the book. If you are still looking for early readers, let me know! Thank you!

message 3: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Ogura | 2 comments Hi Kirby:
Yes I would be happy to send you a Kindle-version of "Startup". Please send me your e-mail address. Recently Kirkus Reviews likened the book to John Grisham's "The Firm" and Michael Crichton's "Rising Sun". I would be interested in your opinion.

Best Regards, Glenn Ogura

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