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The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1)
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The Pillars of the Earth > First Impressions *No Spoilers*

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Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
First Impressions

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Pip Christopher wrote: "The book has been ordered and I am awaiting its delivery. I am wishing good luck to my postman in getting it through my letterbox."


I read this novel years ago so won't be re-reading, but I'll look in from time to time and contribute to the discussion if I can.

In the meantime, for anyone who's interested in the historical background of Pillars (and real historical figures do play major roles), here are a couple of links from Wikipedia:

On King Stephen:,...

On "The Anarchy" (the civil war between King Stephen and his cousin Matilda):

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Mary (fruity) | 128 comments Mod
I'm so excited about everyone reading this book. I loved it, so looking forward to what other people might say about it. I probably don't have time to re-read it myself, but hopefully i remember enough to contribute.

Sarah-Jane (sairjane) | 12 comments I promise no spoilers, have read this book a couple of times in the past, just pulled it off my shelf and flipped through. Both covers are pretty well-thumbed so I suspect it got stuffed into my handbag every day for a fortnight for commuter reading :-)

I do remember loving the book a great deal. Looking forward to reading others' thoughts.

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Vikki (vikki1) | 22 comments Like others I read this a couple of years ago and haven't got chance for such a huge re-read. Looking forward to seeing what others think of it as it is one of my favourite books. The sequel, World Without End, is very good as well and worth a read if you enjoy Pillars.
There was a TV show done based on the book that aired in the UK a couple of years ago, did anybody see it and what did they think? Personally I thought it was a good adaptation but think they oversexed it.

aPriL does feral sometimes  (cheshirescratch) I read this awhile ago too. I thought it very entertaining.

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