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:) Go

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~Cassie~ Jazz lead the way into her cabin, wishing it had been farther away. She didn't want the night to end.

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London stopped outside her door and smiled. "You had fun right?" He smiled at her. His hands still in hers

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~Cassie~ "I had a blast," she answered, smiling. How many times had she answered that question tonight? It was kind of cute that he kept asking, though.

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He smiled. "Sorry... I probably asked that already" he blushed a deep red.

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~Cassie~ "Maybe once or twice," she said, still smiling. She squeezed his hand lightly. "What about you? Did you have a good time?"

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"I had a wonderful time. With you" he smiled and kissed her hand.

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~Cassie~ She shivered when his lips brushed against her hand. "Good," she whispered, unable to speak it any louder.

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London smiled and stared into her eyes. They were so beautiful.

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~Cassie~ Unable to resist, she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his, feather-light.

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He smile against her lips and placed his hand behind her head and pulled her closer.

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~Cassie~ Her hands and arms were pressed flat against his muscular torso. She dimly realized that without her heels, he would either practically have to lift her up or lean down quite a bit. With her heels, though, it wasn't much of a stretch at all.

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His skin tingled where she touch. She was amazing. Everything he could wish for. He kissed her again before pulling away for breath.

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~Cassie~ "For most campers, this would be the part were one of their siblings come and interrupts," she said, glad that nothing of that sort would happen.

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"Your not most campers" he smiled and looked down at her. He took his pointy finger and lightly pushed back some on her hair.

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~Cassie~ "Nope. I'm only one person," she said with a small smile.

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~Cassie~ ((Ok. Bye!))

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"And your Jazz! The most amazing person I've ever known. And might I add beautiful" he grabbed her hands.

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~Cassie~ "And now you're just flattering me," she said with small grin as heat rushed to her cheeks.

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"Is that a bad thing? No because all I'm doing is telling the truth" he smiled at her.

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~Cassie~ "Then you clearly don't know enough people," she replied.

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"Oh I know plenty! You are the best" he smiled at her. "Don't let anyone else say different okay?"

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~Cassie~ "Ok," she said, smiling at him. She didn't believe it for a minute, but it was a sweet thing to say.

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He smiled and looked at his watch and sighed. He looked up at her smiling.

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~Cassie~ She raised a brow. "Why the sigh," she asked.

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"My brothers.... Said they'd come get me if I wasn't at the cabin by midnight" he sighed and looked at her eyes again. "But I don't want the night to end."

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~Cassie~ "Is it already midnight?" she asked, shocked.

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"Yes" he sighed again. He brought his hand up and bit his nails unknowing.

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~Cassie~ She smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling it from his mouth. She kissed his palm.

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He blushed. "Um oops." He kissed her cheek.

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~Cassie~ She grinned. "So do your brothers know what cabin I'm in?" she asked.

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He smiled. "That's the thing...I don't know. All I told them was your name and how I liked you and all. They probably are searching the who camp!" He exclaimed.

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~Cassie~ She laughed at the thought. "And I'm sure they're going to all of the big cabins first."

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"So that means we have some time" he smiled.

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~Cassie~ "Except they're likely to see you standing here," she said.

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"Maybe someone will invite me in" he smiled.

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~Cassie~ "Would you like to come in?" she asked, gesturing inside the cabin.

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"I would indeed" he laughed. He took a step inside. "Wow!" He smiled and looked around

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~Cassie~ "It's a bit empty, but it's nice enough," she said, looking at the cabin. There were only half a dozen beds, but since she was the only resident, it didn't really matter.

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London looked down and blushed. He remembered his scars. He pushed the thought away. "It's nice here" he told her.

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~Cassie~ She saw his cheeks redden, but didn't know why. "Bet you can't guess which bed is mine," she said with a smile. Since all but the bed farthest from the door were plain, it was a pretty clear choice. Her bed had a fuzzy purple blanket, bright blue pillows, and various items on top of it.

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"Hmm I wonder" he laughed. He went over picked her up and placed her on her bed. "I think I found it" he laughed

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~Cassie~ "I think you did, too," she said softly, smiling at him.

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He smiled and sat at the end of her bed smiling at her

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~Cassie~ "Okay, these need to go," she said as she begun unstrapping her heels. She wasn't used to wearing them so they hurt her feet.

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He laughed. "Want me to help?" He asked and bent down and already in strapping her shoes.

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~Cassie~ "Thank you kind sir," she said, feet feeling so much better after the heels were off.

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He placed her heels neatly beside her bed. "Um. Your welcome fair lady" he smiled.

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~Cassie~ She smiled at him and ran her hand over her fuzzy blanket, unsure of what to say.

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