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A Walk in Wolf Wood
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED-YA- Fantasy, werewolf, children, curse, prince [s]

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Danielle (danielee) | 16 comments I read this in grade school (1997/98 or around then) it was about two kids who found a cabin in the woods and they met a man there, the man made them lock themselves inside of the cabin at night because he turned into a werewolf. He was being hunted by someone he knew who put the spell on him (made him drink a potion?) that made him a werewolf so he could take his spot as prince/king. The children help the werewolf/prince break the curse and return him to his throne. It has been bugging me for a while and no amount of googling has solved this. Thanks for any help.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments Sounds a lot like A Walk in Wolf Wood

Deeper and deeper into the woods they walked. Deeper and deeper into the magic spell...

Behind John and Margaret lay the paved road, the car, and their sleeping parents. Ahead of them lay Wolf Wood and a fantastic adventure of medieval magic.

There, within the enchanted forest where the romantic long ago and the present overlapped, they met the noble Lord Mardian. Once the Duke's favorite, he was cursed by an evil sorcerer to roam the woods at night as a werewolf.

Only these children from the future and the power of his magic amulet could release him from the spell. But once the spell was broken, they found themselves caught in a fourteenth century world of betrayal and danger...

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Danielle (danielee) | 16 comments Thank you!! Thats it!! Thank you!!!

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments Danielle wrote: "Thank you!! Thats it!! Thank you!!!"

Youre welcome.Happy to be of service. :)

The googling wasnt at all obvious..tried all the keywords together,werewolf,children,spell,cabin etc.

But once I narrowed it down to "two children" and "werewolf" I found it.Strange how that is

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Danielle (danielee) | 16 comments No kidding, I have been looking for a couple of years now, I even went so far as to ask my old librarian from my grade school if she remembered! :D

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