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message 1: by Maricrystal (new)

Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 28 comments Mod
What lyrics do you think is good?

message 2: by Kara (new)

Kara (karaalexis) | 19 comments Oh here we go...
The chorus of Crown The Empire's The One You Feed, CTE with Johnny Ringo and Johnny's Revenge, Pierce The Veil with Besitos, Fast Times At Clairemont High, Falling Asleep On A Stranger, One Hundred Sleepless Nights, and all of their other songs :3, Sleeping With Sirens with Roger Rabbit, Congratulations, Dead Walker Texas Ranger (Zombie apocalypse songs FTW!), and others that would take too long to type out, Chiodos with MANY of their older songs, Modern Wolf Hair, Those Who Slay Together Stay Together (More zombies!!!!), and Caves, Isles And Glaciers with Cemetery Weather and Hills Like White Elephants (Especially the lyrics in Vic's solo!), and many more that I can post another time.
If you haven't heard some of these songs, I STRONGLY recommend looking them up.

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 04, 2013 02:18AM) (new)

Most Bring Me The Horizon songs. Mainly the new ones, although some of the older ones are good as well. "Sempiternal" has some great lyrics. They're so genius and beautiful. Well, maybe not Antivist...but...

Matt (Sempiternal) (JustAntiSocialThings) | 4 comments Go To Hell for Heaven's Sake is so good

message 5: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Cuypers Carrion from Parkway Drive :)

message 6: by Kenya (new)

Kenya S. (KentyKettleCornPoppingPhantom) | 8 comments The Revolution-Attack Attack!
The Wretched-Attack Attack!
Do it now Remember it later-SWS
If you can't hang-SWS

Matt (Sempiternal) (JustAntiSocialThings) | 4 comments Besitos - Pierce the Veil

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