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I'm looking for a book that i read the beginning of months ago online.

There are few points that I remember.
-its clean
-it definitely has something to do with mormons (either it was written by one or the characters are mormon, maybe both)
-this girl is dating a guy who gets injured and can't play his favourite sport anymore, he becomes depressed and pushes her away.
-she has a step mum and step sister.
-they go holiday somewhere (i think) and they meet two cops who the sister flirts with (i think)
- the main character(the girl) is really good at volley ball and spikes it at a guy on the beach and he gets her right back.

That is the main points that i remember, hopefully someone can recognise this vague description.

Please help.

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Hm...I can't say I've read it, but I'll check up on it.

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