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message 1: by Xdyj (new)

Xdyj | 127 comments I think if something is considered racist by a majority of a certain racial or ethnic group then it is racist against that group.

message 2: by Evan (new)

Evan (sampsom) | 578 comments I think this form of comment isn't racist to the race who are pronounced cool but to the other races in the world! But it is a very small level of racism.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mkc2192) If something is meant to offend or offends someone, then I'd say it is prejudice and ignorance. Now if something is said out of hate or because they believe the person they are talking to is inferior to them, then I would call it racism. I feel like the word "racist" is just kind of thrown around too much.

message 4: by Xdyj (last edited Sep 07, 2013 03:57PM) (new)

Xdyj | 127 comments I think positive stereotyping towards a group ("xxx are smart/hard-working/good at doing business) is still racist towards that group. Because it means that you're holding members of that ethnic group to a higher standard than others (e.g. many Asian kids in the US are often told that they're supposed to be good at math & science just because they're Asians, so if they have trouble with these subjects they may feel ashamed) and because sometimes "positive" traits can be turned into potentially negative ones (e.g. hard-working & smart can also be interpreted as ambitious, greedy & dishonest). A number of genocides in the last few centuries happened because the majority was convinced that a minority group was just too rich, too powerful, or too cunning.

As to how prevalent racism is today, I think it depends on where you're talking about. Racism tend to be weaker in countries founded by immigrants from all over the world & stronger in places facing economic difficulties. I'm not aware of any government today openly endorse racism, but in many places of the world racist policies disguised as nationalism are still being enforced.

message 5: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Technically, that would be German. All-German girl. But yes, for some reason that is what comes to mind when you hear All-American Girl.

message 6: by Raji (new)

Raji Awies hey, we r getting little out of the topic, i think that every and each one of us is a raciest, but its depend on how much we show

message 7: by Chantae (new)

Chantae B. | 51 comments In my opinion I think that the native Americans should be called Americans because they were on this land first and white people should be called European American or something like that cause that's where their ancestors are from. Like Latin American, African American, etc.

message 8: by Chantae (new)

Chantae B. | 51 comments @h99 that is how I picture an all American girl.

message 9: by Raji (new)

Raji Awies actually i dont think that us generalizing, its all about the empathy that you show for your human brother.
Maybe my thoughts are little extreme, i think reflect the reality that im living in, Im an arabic guy who lives in Isreal, and i think the conflict in this matter is quite known to the world.
from my point in view, i see all people are equal we born equal, and to be a raciest its not something that we born with, its the community and the media who's play the main role in this matter.

message 10: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
I think racism is when you treat somebody differently because of their race. This could be anywhere between jumping to conclusions because of their race or paying somebody else more or anything.

I think most of the "_____" people jokes came from stereotypes or generalizations that got taken too far. For example, there'll be a couple of kids who get straight A's and happen to be Asian, and then soon people are saying things like, "When Asian kids get Bs, their parents hit them with bamboo sticks!" or something weird like that. I've personally experienced a lot of that stuff and it's more annoying than offensive.

message 11: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
(Thank you!) I remember the first time I got a B I literally cried. Twice. My parents ended up not even caring, strangely enough. That was last quarter lol.

message 12: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
(A+ on every quiz/test in math?! Dang! Math is the class I got a B in!)

Sounds a bit like my sister. She's in medical school, and she's not satisfied unless she gets 5% above the class average (it's a pass-or-fail class).

message 13: by Som (new)

Som Racism still exists to a great deal; 'sometimes' the victims are more racists than the alleged abusers lol

message 14: by Evan (new)

Evan (sampsom) | 578 comments I live in a xenophobic country. Racism is always present. One of my friends was approached by a couple of men in a town near me and asked if he was from Poland or Eastern Europe. He said no as he was not, but then the men said "good cause if you were wed break your legs". It is horrible, and I don't understand why people would do something like that.
(note this is the rough part of the town)

message 15: by Chantae (new)

Chantae B. | 51 comments I don't see why people have problems with another person that's not their own race. Get over it. It's what's on the inside that counts.

message 16: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
Sometimes people don't have problems. They just to offend, mostly to like fun. Sometimes they don't even mean to offend, but their comments are still racist.

message 17: by Som (new)

Som Yes, I think the problem is that they are not of the same race; it's mostly 'arrogance'.

message 18: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
Actually, where I go, there's a ton of kids making fun of their own races. This encourages kids of other races to make their comments as well, because they think it's harmless. Also my previous comment looked like I was intoxicated. Can't edit on my phone though.

message 19: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Saqib I don't think it's racist until you say something derogatory.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't think it is. Too bad people say "White," too. I'm not offended by it so it shouldn't matter if we call someone "black."

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Saqib Agreed with what H99 said about calling people African-American. Their skin tone doesn't necessarily mean they're affiliated with Africa. Same with African-Canadian.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah I've thought about that before. It doesn't mean that they are all from Africa O.O It's weird to me.

message 23: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
One thing that irritates me is that even though my parents are American citizens and such, they still think of themselves as Chinese (this isn't the part that annoys me.) It annoys me when they call all white people Americans, whether the person is actually American or just a white person living here. (Also, why is the term "American" usually added to African-American? I find it weird, because while someone might call someone "Asian" or "Asian-American", I don't think I've ever heard someone call someone "African.")

Going a little bit off topic from what you guys were just talking about, but what Lia said earlier (about racism being blamed for everything, something along those lines) reminded me of a review I read. The book had said that the character Harry, an average middle-class white kid, didn't have much of a chance of getting into Harvard. The review picked up on this and called the book racist. Isn't this more the author acknowledging some schools' want for diversity and saying that it might want people with a variety of backgrounds? (And also might be somewhat true, as from what I've heard from the news last year someone sued a school in Texas for rejecting her because she was white.)

message 24: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
It's weird, because I imagine that in a world w/o racism, there's no need for categories like "Asian-American novels" or other things like that that single out a race, but because we don't live in that world we need these Hispanic Heritage months and things likes that.

message 25: by Xdyj (new)

Xdyj | 127 comments I agree.

message 26: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
(I'm just gonna go back on topic, as my comment was sort of off) My school had an assembly the other day which was basically supposed to show off how diverse our school is, and then about six of the performances out of ten were Chinese. This was also a thing people had to try out for, and some of my friends arranged to do a Kpop dance for their audition. (Kpop is pretty modern, if you didn't know.) They didn't get in even though there were no Korean representatives, and I'm assuming it's because their dance wasn't "diverse" enough for the school or something. (Of course, they could just be horrible dancers, but I thought they were pretty good.)

message 27: by Lo, I'm a waste of time (new)

Lo (darkalleycookies) | 563 comments Mod
I can't imagine having Native Americans do something, because they would say they were American and people would be like, "No you're not!"

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