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Soul Catcher (Soul Saga, #1)
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E.L. Todd | 5 comments If you enjoy a fantasy novel with a heavy component of romance, this may be the right book for you. I would love to have some reviews for my novel, if anyone is willing. I will send a free ebook copy to anyone who leaves their email address.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I'm a new author and this world of writing is equally terrifying and amazing. I appreciate any support from anyone who is willing to give it. Thank you. =) If you are interested, keep reading....

I recently published my first novel, Soul Catcher, and it's available on Amazon as both a kindle and a paperback. This novel is the first installment of an epic series that takes place across three novels, making it the Soul Saga trilogy.

It details the events of a mysterious man as he tries to right the wrongs of his past. He has been wrongfully abused and damaged, but because of this heartache, he commits criminal acts himself. When he meets the beautiful Accacia, things begin to change. They've both been tormented by the Duke of Aleutian, Drake, although for very different reasons. While they try to escape his cruelty and his malice, shacking up together in the quiet safety of the forest, they realize they can't hide forever. The duke's plans for the Continent are bigger than both of them. Even though they would rather be selfish, neither one of them can abandon their duty to the innocent people of the world, and they realize they have to fight for what they believe in.

This fantasy novel has romance as one of the biggest components of the story, and it will keep you turning the page until the very end of the book. Events of their pasts, as well as their crazy adventures will make you bite your nails until you see how it finally ends.

My novel has been doing well on Amazon and I wanted to spread my work to everyone. Everyone needs a story to get lost in, one that will grip their heart until it's over. If you need something to read to take you away from the heartache of reality, Soul Catcher is your book.

E.L. Todd | 5 comments Oooh! Can you tell me a little about your novel first? The cover already looks pretty sweet/ =)

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Ginger Gelsheimer (gelsheimerkeats) | 79 comments Hi E.L. and Lana. Have you checked out Book Review Depot? where you can review 3 books on the list and then place your book into the list queue? We have generated 156 reviews in 6 weeks. Stop by and check us out when you have a minute!


E.L. Todd | 5 comments That sounds awesome! I'm totally going to check it out. Thanks! =)

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Ginger Gelsheimer (gelsheimerkeats) | 79 comments E.L. wrote: "That sounds awesome! I'm totally going to check it out. Thanks! =)"

:0) Let me know if you have any questions. You can message me here, or at the site!

Lana Bradstream | 145 comments I'm definitely checking that FBI page out!

Lana Bradstream | 145 comments Thank you for your interest! My book takes places during the Inquisition. An angel and a fallen angel are trying to collect souls and both have their sights set on Inquisitor Nikolaud, who is tormented by the atrocities he has seen. The fallen has some help - his protege - Ayla the witch. Good and evil will meet on the battlefield

Lana Bradstream | 145 comments Nikolaus - auto correct :)

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John Dizon | 108 comments I'm also looking for exchange reviews. Anyone interested, drop me a line!

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Prashant Chopra (prashchopra) | 28 comments You can also checkout It is a free, collaborative review site. You review others books first, then you get to post yours for review. What do you think?

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John Dizon | 108 comments I'm just so busy these days. I do one-for-one exchange reviews but just don't have time to do a few freebies to get one back.

Prash wrote: "You can also checkout It is a free, collaborative review site. You review others books first, then you get to post yours for review. What do you think?"

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