Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts, #4) Bring Me Home question

to give it a go?
Christine Christine Sep 01, 2013 02:05PM
so many mixed reviews. a lot of people said that they weren't into the first book because it's not written really well and the plot's all over the place. but the reviews for the second and third book look really good.

i was just wondering if its a love triangle the whole time? does she cheat on both the characters or does she have a steady relationship with one or the other?

Yes, this is my favorite of all the books.

I Read all three books. There is a triangle through the 2nd book and kinda into this book. However you will definately get your closure from this book, regardless whos "team" your on

I enjoyed all 3 books. I cried with the last book. I was routing for Adam and then changed my mind. I'm glad they all found happiness.

I loved all three books. In the end what was always meant to be happened. I was extremely happy with it. If you read them carefully you would have seen the ending coming. It took me a second re-read to see it.They were all very well written and

I really was disappointed in the third book. It def gave closure but didn't really see a point for an entire book. The author could have just extended the 2nd book to wrap it up. I honestly hated the way the book ended.

I wanted to have adam be the one
I felt they were meant to be and if not I am glad he helped heal hear and she did him. What beautifully twisted story

She doesn't really cheat, she is very emotional and gets caught in the moment easily but when she realises what she is doing she stops. The books were all over the places but not hard to follow. I enjoyed them. If you decide to read the series check out I got them there cheaper than other sights.

I really enjoyed the series and think it is worth the read.

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