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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Cartney | 3 comments Hi!
I think I did a mistake... I have a book with a different cover than the one I found on GR so I added "my" cover, but it has the same ASIN as the other edition. I leave that field blank. My thought was that the edition I added should be shown as "other editions" but instead it looks like the author have published two books with the same name, only one with another cover, no comments/reviews and no rating. I can't delete it but searched and found that you can add a Librarian's Note and state that it's a different cover and add the ASIN. I can't find that Librarian's Note field (probably because I'm not a librarian) so I was wondering if anyone could help me?

message 2: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments Fixed.

And you did it exactly right. Since you're not a librarian simply add the new version and post a note right here to have them combined.

message 3: by Nova (new)

Nova Sparks (novasparks) | 1 comments I have a similar issue. I posted my book here a few years ago, now I have a better edited copy of it with a brand new cover. Both paperback and kindle. I thought if I go into my old book and change the ISBN 10 and 14, that it would automatically update itself. I guess I was wrong.

Is there a way to update my book here? I can't change the book cover...which is the only thing I really need changed. I already added the ISBN info and book description. I'm not selling the book through here so that isn't the problem. I just want the goodreads page of my book to match what people will see when they search for it on Barnes and Noble and

Thank you!

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Cartney | 3 comments Krazykiwi wrote: "Fixed."

Thank you Krazykiwi :)

message 5: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments You need to do the same thing: Add a new edition, with the new isbn and cover, and post in this group (ideally a new thread) to have them combined.

Once that's done, as a GR author you can choose which edition is the default that people see if they look your book up.

Please don't change existing entries, that way the people who have read and shelved the earlier edition have the correct one on their shelves. (To save you the trouble, I've reverted your changes and created a new edition for you, you'll need to set it default :)
(I also added an alternate edition of the kindle edition)

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