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book tittle the power of positive thinking

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Orapeleng Hows is everyone going on woith the book if u still reading you..... is it helping at some stage?

Hilda Its excellent book I red it a while a go but it change my life and the way I think, as it teach u how to fight the negative thoughts , good luck

Shubham Mishra This book should be read again and again.
This book really changes the mindset of a person.
This is one the best books on Positive thinking ever written.

Vicki I picked up my paperback copy of this book at a flea market and it reminded me of some of the stories I read in the Guideposts publication that my parents got in the MAIL when I was a kid, as well as the Zig Ziglar CASSETTE TAPES my parents bought and played when my siblings and I were little. I enjoyed reading it with my own life experiences and comparing it to where my parents were when they were young and trying to raise their kids.

Philip I asked God for help. He gave me this book.

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M Umar This The Power Of Positive Thinking Is a great book :)

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