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Here it is!

And I was just wondering...Bane looks pretty much similar to Shetan, right? With the long hair and huge body? Just curious. XD

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Mm Large body white skin instead of black and his long hair isn't as wavy and usually in a ponytail xD other then that just like Shetan but also more playful as a master xP

So can I just skip the profile for him lol xD seeing he is basically like Shetan

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((Sure, that's fine! :) ))

Name: Ashley Kelly Summers.
Age: 18.
Species: Human.
Personality: Ashley is the sweetest girl you could ever imagine, and she's fun-loving. She can be shy, but once she warms up to you, she is outgoing, loving, and affectionate. She's also very cuddly. She is very sensitive and is able to have her feelings hurt easily. She is not one to yell at people or get mad usually. She's a small girl that is very innocent and gets frightened easily.

Hair color: Her hair is black and wavy and luxurious and very long, reaching down an inch past her waist.
Eye color: Brown.
Height: She is very small, standing at 5 feet.

History: It's heartbreaking. Her entire family died in a car accident when she was at a friend's house several years ago, and she still grieves. But it's not only that. Both of her parents were very abusive to her when they were alive. Because of this, she is a very sad girl, and it takes someone with kindness and gentleness to bring out her happy, fun side. She feels desperate for someone to just love her, so all she needs is some good hugs and love.
Other: She has a long scar on her lower leg from her father whipping her.

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Aww pretty :3 I love her ^_^

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Thanks! Do you want it to be where it's Ashley's first day working for Bane?

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Ah I just had an idea but it wouldn't really work cause the history's are different xD

Sure ^=^ maybe she is scared he will be a mean heartless master?

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Sure! Do you want to start or me?

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You please :)

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It was Ashley's first day working for her master. She was out working in the fields on a hot day with the other slaves. She made sure she worked hard as she pulled up weeds. She was scared of her master, not mainly because he looked so scary and imposing, but because she was scared that he may be mean to her. She wiped some sweat from her forehead as she worked. She felt very hot and was sweating all over.

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Bane was just returning home from his brother's when he noticed what time it was. Walking out into the fields he casted a rather large shadow over some slaves, " Time to get inside! A ten minute break that's all you get before returning back outside!" The gruff voice said. Like his brother he had a bullwhip hanging from the side of his right leg, though he rarely used it. He looked up scanning the slaves with his crimson red eyes then spotted a new slave and sighed, He would have to go through the rules with her tonight like he did with all new slaves.

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Ashley jumped with a small whimper as she heard the scary, gruff voice. She looked up and started trembling as she saw her master. She got up and followed the other slaves inside.

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Once everyone was inside Bane entered. Stretching slightly he then adjusted his whip looking at a paper. " Ashley " He called out waiting for the new slave to come up to him.

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Ashley felt very nervous as she turned to him and walked timidly up to him. "Yes, master?" she said softly, feeling very small.

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" Come to my room tonight after dinner understood?" He asked looking down at her. Seeing she was scared out of her wits he placed a hand on her head " You're not in trouble my dear its just a normal thing all new slaves go through " He explained.

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Ashley was a bit surprised and thankful inside that he was being so gentle to her. She visibly calmed down and nodded, bowing her head respectfully. "Yes, Master," she said softly before leaving.

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He smiled before disappearing up to his room for the rest of the day.

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After dinner was over that night, Ashley shyly went up to Bane's room and knocked softly.

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Bane was reclining in his chair looking through the paper when he heard the knock. Folding it and putting the paper on the stand he walked to the door and opened it, " Come in Ashley " he murmured.

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Ashley came in before stopping and looking up at Bane, ready for instructions.

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" Sit " He said as he leaned against the wall studying her with his crimson red eyes.

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Ashley sat down in a chair, feeling nervous. If one was to look closer into her eyes, they would be able to tell she was sad and heartbroken inside. She avoided his gaze respectfully for now.

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" In this mansion I have certain rules slaves follow. One is if course do as there told with no back talk, Two is if you see a slave acting up report it to me. Three is there is to be no sexual contact with other slaves. Four is when working on the fields you only stop when you feel like your gonna pass out. Failure to follow the rules will result in a whipping, is that understood?"

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Ashley nodded her head with her head bowed respectfully. "Yes, Master." Her soft, subservient gaze met his as she spoke.

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He gave a grin and nodded before crossing his arms, " How many masters have you had before?"

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"None. You're my first one, Master," Ashley said softly.

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" How did you become a slave dear?" he asked.

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"Well, I remember being kidnapped by some man in a mask, and I was put in a sack. Before I realized it, I was in the slave market, and then I was brought to you."

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He sighs patting her head " I'm sorry Ashley " he murmured then chuckles " I assure you this isn't an abusive place I hardly whip my slaves "

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Ashley gave a soft smile as she looked up at him, somehow feeling a little bit happy for the first time in years. "I'm glad, Master."

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" Now go to bed tomorrow is a long day " he said

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Ashley got up and gave a little, cute, respectful curtsy to him. "Goodnight, Master," she said before walking out.

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He chuckled watching her leave before laying back on the bed.

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Ashley went to bed and lay down, falling asleep.

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In the morning a bell rang through the hole mansion as a wake up call.

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Ashley jumped awake before quickly getting out of bed, walking out of her room and downstairs.

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The slaves were at a table eating and chattering looking happy.

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Ashley got some food and ate with the slaves.

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Bane then came in after they were done " Clean up and into the fields!"

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Ashley helped clean up and then went out into the fields with the slaves.

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He watched them leave then followed out.

( Eh I'm stuck now)

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((Maybe sometime when night comes and Ashley is asleep, she starts to have nightmares that make her distressed? And Bane ends up hearing her and comes in to comfort her?))

Ashley worked hard.

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( That kinda sounds like Alicia with her nightmares :/)

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((Should we do something where she gets bullied or hurt by other slaves? Or else Bane gets injured or ill, and Ashley helps him? Or that masked guy that kidnapped her steals her again and puts her in an old, abandoned, haunted house, and Bane notices she has vanished and goes looking for her, and then things go from there?))

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( I like the idea of bane getting ill and she takes care of him :)))

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The day began to draw to an end as Ashley was working.

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Bane was coughing all day long so when it came nighttime he retired to his large room.

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Ashley came in with the other slaves when it was time. She went upstairs and started walking down the long hallway towards her room.

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As the slaves walked past his closed door loud harsh coughing could be heard from inside the room.

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Ashley heard the coughing and felt worry rise up in her little heart. Was her master sick? She gently knocked on his door. "Master?" she called softly. "Are you okay?"

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Bane groaned quietly before diving into another coughing for not hearing Ashley.

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