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sel (lvagirl) ...

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sel (lvagirl) Room 11, Corridor 223, East side, Ramblings

Eliza woke up to the sound of her father slamming the door to room 11. Ugh! He had another bad day at work. She thought. Eliza decided she would pretend to sleep a little longer before hearing all about her father's bad day. He had the tendency to ramble... She could him mumbling about the Extraordinary Wizard unfairness and all of his hard work... blah, blah, blah

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa stood outside the door to room eleven, knocking loudly. She tapped her foot impatiently. "OPEN UP I'VE GOT A MESSAGE FOR YA!!" Ugh, people were so slow!

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sel (lvagirl) Finally Eliza fell asleep. She was dreaming about her mother when, out of nowhere, she heard a loud banging. Eliza woke with a start. Someone was knocking-no, more like pounding, on their door. Ugrh! People are SO disrespectful! Eliza thought, furious. Her father had gone out for his daily walk along Wizard Way, so that left Eliza to answer the door. She got at of bed and sleepily made her way to the door, still in her pj's. She slowly opened the door to find a girl around her age. "What?" Eliza asked irritably.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "What do you think?" she asked, rolling her eyes. "I've got a message for ya." Using her most formal voice, she began, "Your father wanted you to know that he will be precisely two hours late coming home, for reasons unknown to messenger. This message was given at precisely 9: 04 in the morning, and receive at," she glanced down at her watch, "9:04 in the morning. How's that for fast service?"

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sel (lvagirl) "Ok, thank you." Now Eliza was worried. Why would her father be two hours late??? They were supposed to go visit her mother soon. It was tradition!

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "Ya know, tips for the messenger are widely appreciated," said Calyssa, leaning against the door frame and holding out her palm. Her cloak was getting pretty shabby, so she needed all the money she could get to buy a new one.

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sel (lvagirl) "Ha ha, nice try." Eliza said as she closed the door. She had her own troubles to work out.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "Ugh!" she cried and kicked the door angrily before leaving. Less than a minute it had taken her! Less then a minute to listen to some stupid guy ramble, then run all the way across the stupid Castle, just to get a message to some stupid girl who didn't even tip her! She was faster than even the message rats, and knew far more shortcuts, too, but no one ever cared! Calyssa walked down the corridor, grumbling.

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sel (lvagirl) "Woah, anger issues..." Eliza mumbled to herself. She got dressed, started pacing, then, deciding she needed to do something, got on her cloak, and headed for Wizard Way.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa knocked on a few more doors, asking whether anyone had an odd job or message for her. Sadly, no one seemed willing today. She sighed and heading out of the Ramblings. Maybe she'd find more luck on Wizard Way...

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sel (lvagirl) "Hey, I'm just stating the facts!" Eliza replied to Calyssa.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "No really," she smirked, leaning against the wall. "With this new information, I've been inspired to change my life and spread kindness throughout the Castle. I am forever grateful to facts you are saying."

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza just rolled her eyes and continued walking. She was hoping her father would be sitting in room 11 when she arrived. He'd say, "Hey, Liza! Where have you been?" and it'd perfect.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa followed after her. "So which Charm am I starting with? I don't really care, just give me a random one if you want."

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sel (lvagirl) ((Ahhh what's a easy Charm? Maybe a unseen since Jenna did that...))

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments ((Sounds good :D))

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sel (lvagirl) "Well, you could probably do a Unseen…Hopefully."

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments She snorted. "There you go again. You should really stop flattering me, I'll get a big ego. Now just give me the stupid Charm."

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza reached the door to her room and took a deep breath. "Hold on!" She snapped. She opened the door slowly, and peeked inside. "Dad?" she called. Silence.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "Looks like he's still gone," she shrugged, pushing past her into the room. "So can we start anywhere, or is there a specific Charm room or something?"

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza's mind was running a thousand miles a hour. Then Calyssa snapped her out of it. "Specific Charm room???" She said with disbelief.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "I don't know!" she said hotly, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Not my fault I'm not a happy little Junior Wizard like you."

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sel (lvagirl) "Well, I don't think this," Eliza gestured to the small room filled with books "Has a whole Charm room! Anyway, we can practice anywhere."

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "Fine by me. And, uh, that's a lot of books you got there." She stared at a pile of books in the corner enviously. This stupid girl was SO lucky!

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sel (lvagirl) "Yeah, my dad and me are crazy about books. Okay," Eliza sat on the floor, "This is a Unseen Charm." She got out a smooth, purple-colored rock with engravings. "I'm guessing you read about how to use a Charm in the book my "dad" gave you." She handed the Charm to Calyssa.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa glared at her and took the charm. "Yes, I know what I'm doing!" Holding the Charm close to her, she closed her eyes and repeated the words, "Let me Fade into the Aire, let all against me know not Where. Let them that Seeke me pass me by, let Harme not reach me from their Eye."

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sel (lvagirl) ((0.o Did u make that up?! Or was it from the book?))

"Soorr-rryy!" Eliza said.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments ((From the book!! I'm am NOT that good with poetry :P))

Calyssa held her breath waiting. "Well?" she asked, a bit impatiently. Did it work?"

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sel (lvagirl) ((I'm not either! :D))

"Yeah...well, kind" Eliza answered.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa swore loudly. "Fine, I'll try again. This time I'll get it," she grumbled. She closed her eyes and repeated the words.

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sel (lvagirl) "Hey! It takes practice! You can't assume you'll be perfect on the first time!" Eliza said then added, "Even though Septimus did..." She waited while Calyssa cited the words. Her figure almost disappeared, then flickered. "That's better,"

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments She nodded and kept her eyes closed. She tried to imagine what it would be like to be completely invisible, Unseen to all. Taking a deep breath, she repeated the words again.

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza's eyes wided. "You did it! Where are you? You better not try something..."

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa smirked. Of COURSE she would try something! She stood up and got right in Eliza's face, then started dancing around the room and making rude hand gestures to various objects. She knew a good deal of them, probably more than she should know.

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sel (lvagirl) ((lol this reminds me of Septimus's first time with the Charm))

Eliza could feel Calyssa moving around. "Enough! I know your doing stuff your NOT suppose to do!"

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa laughed. She hasn't had this much fun in a LONG time, which was a bit depressing when she thought about it. "Ooh, you can't catch me, you can't catch me!" she sang, skipping in circles around Eliza.

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza tried to follow the sound of Calyssa's voice. "Where are YOU?!?!" She shouted.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Laughing, she sat down in front of Eliza and poked her in the cheek. "I'M RIGHT HERE!!" she shouted back, even though they were well in talking range.

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sel (lvagirl) "Ow! Don't yell!" Eliza complained while grabbing at the air for Calyssa. "And don't poke me either!" She thought the Charm would wear out by now.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa smirked and poked Eliza's cheek again. "Whoops. I forgot. I won't poke you again, though." Then she poked her again.

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sel (lvagirl) "URGH!" Eliza yelled, then thought of an idea. She focus hard, and recited the Charm words. Calyssa slowly came visble. "Ah Ha!"

((She doesn't have to have the Charm, right?))

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments ((Nah, you only need it on the first time I believe))

"Hey!" she whined. "You spoil all the fun!" Calyssa crossed her arms and sulked.

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sel (lvagirl) ((k good))

"You cannot be trusted with that Charm! And that was NOT fun!!!" Eliza scolded.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "It was for me," she smirked. "And I can too be trusted! It's not like I stole anything!"

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sel (lvagirl) Eliza crossed her arms. "Are you kidding? If you used this Charm you'd probably go around messing with people's minds! Or sneaking into the Wizard Tower!"

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments Calyssa glared at her. "I would NOT. You don't know me, so don't assume I'll go around abusing Charms and breaking rules."

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sel (lvagirl) "Uh, today you were sneaking in the Wizard Tower and you just were abusing a Charm!" Eliza countered.

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 176 comments "I was in the Wizard Tower for a reason," she shot back. "I only go in there when necessary. And if THAT'S your definition of 'abusing', the you are way more uptight than I thought."

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sel (lvagirl) "Urgh! You were being annoying!"

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