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Damon or Stefan or Elena

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message 1: by Wren (new) - added it

Wren Who would u date? I choose Damon

Morgan R. Fahey Damon all the way. Stefan sucks.

Joanne DAMON...=D

message 5: by Maria (last edited Oct 03, 2013 04:00PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maria Glenn I think everybody secretly likes Damon.

Kalla [A Bookish Nerd] Stefan is a crybaby. Damon all the way baby!


☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ Yeah, I started to not like Stefan in the books and became a Damon fan. For the T.V. show though I hate Damon and am a total Stefan fan.

message 9: by Ds (new)

Ds Maria wrote: "I think everybody secretly likes Damon."

i believe maria is right

message 10: by Ds (new)

Ds i think it is realy difficult to choose one but i like stefen as a character more than damon but damon is a great on his side

message 11: by Sosa (new) - rated it 1 star


Claudette Melanson Damon for sure!

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