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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new)

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5215 comments Mod
What did you think of it?

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Acuña (maryecaa) I just read this the other day and it was amazing! I love Celaena! I hope she and Chaol end up together.

message 3: by Harmony (new)

Harmony | 166 comments ME TOO!Even though I still like Prince Dorian...I can keep him for myself. *Evil Laughter*

message 4: by Ela (new)

Ela I read it a while ago and I enjoyed it, I especially liked the opening in the prison.

message 5: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (bellavinter) | 68 comments I read it around a year ago, and am now reading Crown of Midnight. Both of them AMAZING books! Definitely the best fantasy series I have ever read! :)

message 6: by Mitsoo (new)

Mitsoo | 3 comments I've already read it in February of this year and am currently on Crown of Midnight, and these books are some of the best that you'll find. She hits the butt-kicking assassin right on. I'm currently so split on Prince Dorian or Chaol while reading :p

message 7: by May (new)

May (tucanamata) I loveeeed it! So exciting! I'll star with the second one right away

message 8: by Angel (new)

Angel | 39 comments This was one of the first assasin books I've read and it was pretty darn great because I was convinced she was actually a total badass and could take on a fully grown man.

message 9: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (bellavinter) | 68 comments Mitsoo wrote: "I've already read it in February of this year and am currently on Crown of Midnight, and these books are some of the best that you'll find. She hits the butt-kicking assassin right on. I'm currentl..."

They ARE some of the best books out there, right? Just finished Crown of Midnight, it is absolutely incredible! :D

message 10: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ | 69 comments I love Throne of Glass! I read it about two months ago. I didn't know the second one is out!!!

message 11: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (bellavinter) | 68 comments Emma wrote: "I love Throne of Glass! I read it about two months ago. I didn't know the second one is out!!!"

It just came out in the end of August... And it is definitely worth the money! I pre-ordered it ;p

message 12: by SAM (new)

SAM | 63 comments I liked it. I can't wait to see how the love triangle turns out. I like both but am rooting for Chaol.

message 13: by Mandy (new)

Mandy (cuddlebloom) | 8 comments I read all four novellas and the two full size books and now I'm dying for the next one. Does anyone know when it will be released?

message 14: by -RininTa- (new)

-RininTa- (rinz) | 576 comments I love it!! Throne of Glass is story. I usually a slow reader but when I read this book I can't put it down. Really want to read the second, Crown at Midnight!

message 15: by Basma (new)

Basma | 461 comments I love love love love this book it's really really really awesome :p

message 16: by Krista (new)

Krista | 149 comments I read this book last month and loved it. Then I read the second one soon after and love it even more! Can't wait to see what happens next!

message 17: by Safiyyah (new)

Safiyyah | 16 comments I wasn't sure if i would like it but it is a great book, full of action and a bit of romance

message 18: by Emma (new)

Emma | 202 comments Chaol<3. Lol okay so YES read this series! The third book comes out in May. And okay I first read these right as they came out and there the most amazing book fantasy ever! Loved Celannas kick butt / like a stone girl. I don't like how like in a lot of books the main female leads is a drama-full girl who cries too much and doesn't fight but Celanna is the kinda girl I like lol she's not wimpy or anything and doesn't let her emotion show with I love!!

message 19: by Josie (new)

Josie K. | 3 comments I am so loving this book right now. I actually bought it 'cause my friends wanted me to read it. Only on Chapter 6 and I already love Prince Dorian.

message 20: by Allison (new)

Allison | 3 comments I really liked it and can't wait for the next one! Lent it to a friend and she loved it too

When is the release date for the third one?

message 21: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Ironside (julesanneironside) | 3 comments Loved the concept. Celaena rocks. The ending felt a bit truncated but I'm hoping that is resolved in crown of midnight. If you like these books you should try 'Grave mercy' and 'Dark Triumph' in the Fair Assassain series by Robin LaFevers. Blew me away :)

message 22: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jchen123) | 16 comments I really enjoyed this!! I love Celaena Sardothien (her name sounds fab!) and her character is portrayed with just the right amount of ferocity, determination and fearlessness to fall in love with her. :)
The concept of this book was well planned out, highly detailed and well written. It was a relatively fast paced book that I distinctively remember staying up late for!
I did really enjoy the love triangle between Celaena, Dorian and chaol. In the novellas you can get theres some juicy bits about another boy named sam! ;)
The second book 'Crown of Midnight' was good, however not as enthralling as the first. I would still read it though!

message 23: by Riya (new)

Riya | 0 comments LOVE this book!!! Chaol is amazing and perfect in every way :P
Anyways, the whole plot and concept of both the books is amazing. They kept me gripped the entire way. Although my favorite part was the characters, since every single one is so layered and intense!

message 24: by Alayna (new)

Alayna Payton | 45 comments A lifetime favorite! I can't wait for the third book!!!!!

message 25: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (alliepfletcher) Oh my gracious, here is a sneak peek of Heir Of Fire that Sarah J Maas put up via twitter. SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!! :D I can't wait until September 2nd. Here ya go folks:

message 26: by Riya (new)


message 27: by Koko.Luvs.Books (new)

Koko.Luvs.Books | 3 comments WOW!! Thanks, Alexandra! I CAN"T WAIT until this book comes out!

message 28: by Armina (new)

Armina | 5 comments Hier of fire cant wait

message 29: by Rin (new)

Rin (nasrinnie) | 129 comments To be honest, it wasn't the best assassin book ever...
She's supposed to be getting ready for the fight of her life that could CAUSE HER TO DIE! and she spends her time gossiping, reading and flirting...

i mean i like smart assassins not stupid assassins
but she can fight well. (somehow she fights too well, i mean she's been cooped up for so long and fights so well without a lot of practice?)

idk just my thoughts on throne of glass

I did like Chaol but Dorian is a little annoying

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally ship Chaolaena! It was so cute at the end of the first book...

Alice (Booksandfreshlybrewedtea) (earthtoalice) TEAM CHAOL!
i liked Dorian, but chaol is so much more better!

Oh when they were at the ball thing (that she gate crashed) awhh i so wished he danced with her!

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

You'll love Crown of Midnight, then...

message 33: by Jennifer (last edited May 30, 2014 01:28PM) (new)

Jennifer (jen628) | 38 comments I really liked it, though there wasn't enough action and yeah, there were a lot of unnecessary scenes too. Crown of Midnight was so much better and even if you didn't really like Throne of Glass, there is a high possibility that you will be completely satisfied with Crown of Midnight because Sarah J. Maas basically fixed all the problems people had with Throne of Glass and made it amazing.

Have you guys read The Assassin's Blade? Sam and Celaena all the way.

message 34: by Kaya (new)

Kaya | 13 comments I like it and I will continue with the series. I guess I'm the only one here who despises Chaol, but whatever. It has nothing to do with a fact that I think that Dorian is a better suitor, it's just that Chaol hadn't gained my simpathy in ANY of the scenes. I adore Celaena, she's so fierce. I hope in the sequels we actually see why she's the most dangerous assassin in the kingdom because frankly, I'm not very convinced. Also, I love her banters with Dorian. They made me going through the kind of boring first half of the book.

message 35: by Diana (new)

Diana Petkovic | 4 comments This was a great read. Many YA novels these days have strong female characters at the core, but the thing I love about Celaena is that she knows she's strong and she owns it. My favorite moments are when she looks at big, hulking men around her and almost laughs to herself about how easily she can take them down. You go girl!

message 36: by Madi (new)

Madi Usually I roll my eyes at pretty blond hair blue eyes female protagonists.... But Celaena proved to be a kick-ass, witty, complex character yet again. I love Chaol and Celaena together... Mainly because that means I can have Dorian to myself ;) Chaol and Celaena are both fighters who really understand each other and push each other to be a better person. I liked the first book better but the second one was great too. The plot was exciting and the banter had me laughing out loud. The little ending revelation (at least for me) was kinda predictable but it still got me excited for the third book.

message 37: by Anum (new)

Anum | 43 comments OMG i absolutely love this series..i cant wait to find out what happens next..really love Dorian how he is always there for Celaena ..Dorian and Celaena are meant for eachother..

message 38: by Evah (new)

Evah | 72 comments this book was absolutely amazing I loved it so much!!!

message 39: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Hollis (charmedgirl) | 1 comments I've not long started this book and only up to chapter 11, I have just started to get into it.

message 40: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Sarah Maas has a way of world building and character development that progresses throughout her stories...then she slams you with endings that make your heart race and pulse pound...I absolutely loved every one of her books have read!

message 41: by Monica (new)

Monica I have gone through books 1&2. I love this series because Celaena is such a well rounded person. We get to watch her grow up. She's real she has weaknesses and strengths. An unwilling assassin but supremely talented. Where her profession elicits sadness and misery at its source, Choal helps her bring some decency/honor to her internal struggles with it. I enjoy these books and their rich story content.

message 42: by Emma (new)

Emma Wardrobe | 4 comments I've read EVERYTHING by Sarah J Maas, and Throne of Glass is my favourite series ever!

message 43: by Teiamarie (new)

Teiamarie | 5 comments I read Throne of Glass when it first came out in 2012 and thought it was pretty good but my review wasn't fantastic. Well, I went back and re-read it late last year and my tune has changed! What a difference four years makes! There were elements that I missed the first time around that blew my mind this time and I felt like I understood Celaena better. I tore through all five novels, one after the other, and I am just itching for the last book! The storyline just continues to grow, adding more people that you can't help but fall in love with. If you haven't read through to Empire of Storms, you are so missing out. It's amazing. It's incredible. Wow!! If cliffhangers aren't your thing then wait for book 6 because this one still has me twitching. It's so incredible and mind-blowing... words fail me. My final thoughts after finishing book 5 were just..."oh (insert expletive)!" Over and over. So good...

message 44: by Beckie (new)

Beckie | 3 comments AMAZING, I HAVE LOVED ALL OF THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!

message 45: by Aspiro (new)

Aspiro (crowleysbxtch) | 3 comments I enjoyed Throne of Glass... I had my doubts, but Sarah J Mass definitely came through. It was quite realistic (as realistic as fantasy can get) and it kept me interested. I'm certainly going to finish the series.
And as for the love triangle between Chaol and Dorian... Team Chaol.

message 46: by Dreamer (new)

Dreamer | 16 comments I love Throne of Glass, and I want to read the next part soon.

message 47: by Skyla (new)

Skyla Smith | 6 comments I love this series. I was hooked right from the first page. I plan to re-read the series this summer in preparation for the release of the final book. So exited! :-) The plot thickens with every book and the character development is amazing. And the characters! All of the characters in this series are all so interesting. I also really love Sarah J Mass's writing style. I haven't read the ACOTAR series yet but I really want to.

message 48: by Kang Ying (new)

Kang Ying She I read all of her books last year. I can't wait for the rest. I might re-read the series one more time.

message 49: by Jason (new)

Jason Hamilton (storyhobbit) | 22 comments I'm about to start reading this one. Looking forward to it!

Umairah | Sereadipity (sereadipity) I love the Throne of Glass series. But Throne of Glass itself as a book just isn't as good as the rest and I didn't like it much. I only got into the series after reading crown of midnight and heir of fire

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