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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello everyone. This is the topic for our optional Book Club Discussion for September 2013, which is All-Star Batman and Robin by Frank Miller.

The discussion will occur during this whole month of September.

If your post will contain spoilers, then please type SPOILERS in capital letters at the top of your post (or use the html code for spoilers) so that members who are still reading or have not yet read the book can avoid critical details that can spoil their reading.

Enjoy our official book club discussion everyone.

message 2: by Kevin (last edited Sep 02, 2013 06:30PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kevin Izworski | 75 comments Nice, I just finished this one a few weeks ago.

I saw it got a lot of bad reviews, and people were saying things like 'Miller isn't what he used to be' and that the art was too much, but I liked it. Jim Lee tends to over do it, but it's done well and looks so nice that it is OK.

(view spoiler) I gave it 3 or 4 stars, my nephew Robby would probably give it 1 star though.

message 3: by Dominick (new)

Dominick (dominickgrace) | 167 comments My God, this may be the worst comic I've ever read, and DC (or, I suppose, Miller and Lee) didn't even finish the bloody thing. I doubt this counts as a spoiler, but just in case,


the issue that consisted of about 50% crotch shots of Black Canary beating up a bunch of barflies was possibly the most bizarre thing I've seen in a mainstream comic, and that includes all the Weisinger-era Superman weirdness. One issue of this series accidentally fell into my toilet one day, which struck me as the most appropriate accident that has ever happened to any of my books. I can't believe I actually stuck with this for the ten issues that were printed, and I will certainly not be back for the final two, assuming they ever materialize.

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam | 130 comments I read this when it first came out, really enjoyed it, and then was really annoyed that they didn't finish it... until I realised that DC had wisely pulled the plug, forcing Miller to hive off Holy Terror into a separate book. Dominick, if you think this is the worst comic you've read, you've obviously not had a look at Holy Terror - it's so much worse.

Apparently Miller & Lee are gonna finish this off now, although maybe not under the All-Star banner.

message 5: by Dominick (new)

Dominick (dominickgrace) | 167 comments I definitely have not read Holy Terror. Everything I've heard about it suggests doing so would be a terrible experience.

message 6: by Corto (last edited Sep 08, 2013 02:59AM) (new)

Corto Maltese | 78 comments I don't think I'll pick that one up. I lost interest in Frank Miller comletely. He did brilliant work up to the first Volume of Sin City. After this, his storytelling and art got more and more sloppy. "300" was the point when I stopped picking his books up - that one was embarrassingly bad.

message 7: by Robert (new)

Robert (statnut) | 8 comments This is pretty awful if taken seriously. If you view it as intending to be a comedy though, it's pretty darn funny.

message 8: by Dominick (new)

Dominick (dominickgrace) | 167 comments Corto wrote: "I don't think I'll pick that one up. I lost interest in Frank Miller comletely. He did brilliant work up to the first Volume of Sin City. After this, his storytelling and art got more and more slop..."

I couldn't get all the way through 300; I think I lasted until issue 3--whatever issue feature the poor malformed mutant Spartan.

Robert's point re: ASBAR is a good one: if you take it as a deliberate parody or satire, it could be seen as funny. Taken straight, it's impossible to admire.

Pranay | 50 comments In my opinion Miller is a great writer and he has come up with Ronin, Sin City and my favorite Batman:Year One. So that leaves no doubt in my mind about his capabilities. That said this was a truly atrocious piece of writing where he is trying too hard to come up with something good but failing miserably. He misses all the tricks here and presents a Batman that no-one cares for.
The only saving grace of the book is the beautiful art by Jim Lee. The art is truly wonderful and eye pleasing and kept me going thru the 10 issues.

message 10: by Adam (new)

Adam | 130 comments I think it is deliberate parody/satire. Couldn't possibly be anything else - you'd have to be mad to think it was good in any other sense.

But then, there's Holy Terror, so maybe ...

Cyndi (bookchick64) I liked this a lot. A psychotic departure from Batman the well controlled hero we love. I realize I am in the minority about enjoying the concept, but I also liked the stylized art and the characterization of this Joker.

message 12: by Rosa (new) - rated it 1 star

Rosa | 23 comments I felt like all of the characters in this were the most over the top/extreme worst versions of themselves that they could possibly be, and for me that wasn't so interesting/fun for me.

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