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Hello everyone. This is the topic for our optional Book Club Discussion for September 2013, which is Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin.

The discussion will occur during this whole month of September.

If your post will contain spoilers, then please type SPOILERS in capital letters at the top of your post (or use the html code for spoilers) so that members who are still reading or have not yet read the book can avoid critical details that can spoil their reading.

Enjoy our official book club discussion everyone.

message 2: by Allen (last edited Sep 01, 2013 02:54PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Allen Rubinstein (allenrubinstein) | 76 comments This is funny. Infinity Gauntlet was my last "official" superhero comic. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Jim Starlin ever since I started reading him with Dreadstar (still, far and above his best run of any book I've certainly ever seen). And it's not the last superhero comic I've read, since there's been a handful (the first Wolverine origin story, for example, and, for what it's worth, that Dark Knight sequel), but it's the last one I collected issue by issue or tracked in any ongoing, intentional way.

Let the haters be dammed, I think the thing is rip-roaring fun. Starting from the simple, cool run of Silver Surfer, through the pitch-dark canals of that two-part, squarebound Thanos miniseries and then letting the jams out completely by unleashing the whole Marvel crew, not organically, mind you, in growing numbers, but EVERY DAMN SUPERHERO ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Can we get these people to run the United Nations or something? They seem to have a fairly efficient network for mobilizing theyselves.

My favorite moment was when Dr. Strange says he now needs to transport them "To the farthest corners of the universe." or something on an equal level of gibberish, and Spiderman goes, "Say what?" Say what you will about Jim Starlin's gurgid plotlines and characters, the man has a level of understanding of the fundamental absurdity of superheroes. If at any point I want a thoroughly entertaining story about people who jump around like jumping-beans and blast energy whatevers from various parts of themselves at one another's bodies, he's the man I turn to.

And on top the man bangs out some very readable, adolescent sci-fi.

Mike | 289 comments Totally agree. The Infinity Gauntlet is a favorite of mine - it just revels in how over the top it is and is a lot of fun. I loved the Thanos Quest lead in and The Infinity Gauntlet series itself is a great, drawn out space battle with (as you mentioned) and incredible number of involved heroes and villains.

A simple moment that's a favorite of mine is at the beginning when Mephisto asked how he can be of service and Thanos replies with "By falling silent." Little dialog touches like that of Starlin's really amuse me.

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Rosa | 23 comments SPOILER

I'm really glad I read this for the group as it's probably not something I would have decided to read on my own. I thought it was funny in it's over the top epic battle that essentially serves to preserve the status quo.

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