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Whispers - Book One - Yggdrasil Children
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Allen Ortiz (allenneilortiz) | 4 comments Hi, everyone! I'm new to the indi-author scene and would like to let all you sci-fi/fantasy fans know my first book is free today (in celebration of PAX going on this weekend)

(9/2/13 note: the free promo has ended, but the sale price will be at $2.99 for the foreseeable future)

Whispers - Book One - Yggdrasil Children
Apparition: a secret agency revolving around controlling special individuals, called whisperers, who have the ability to communicate with extra-planar beings. 
When Veronica Cassidy receives instructions from Apparition headquarters, she gets the job done, no matter what. It's the reason she rose to the rank of captain so quickly. 
Though, this time around, she may face a little opposition when trying to complete her next mission. 
An old friend and colleague, AKA Codename: Chromium, has surfaced, right in the middle of a critical recon mission. It seems as though Chromium is against Apparition's ideals, claiming the agency isn't as well-intentioned as one may be led to believe.
When a rare whisperer is discovered, what will happen when Apparition sends one of its top recon teams to claim the individual for their secret society?

Find out in the first installment of 
“Whispers: Yggdrasil Children”

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Allen Ortiz (allenneilortiz) | 4 comments Mondays have a habit of being lame. To take the edge off the usually crud-y-ness of the beginning of the week, help yourself to a free copy of "Whispers - Yggdrasil Children" on 10/3/13! (ONE DAY ONLY!) [Link below]

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