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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (xitomatl) This month's manga read is Battle Royale, Vol. 1 by Koushun Takami.

Battle Royale, Vol. 1 (Battle Royale, #1) by Koushun Takami

Please be sure to tag all spoilers!

ethuil | 13 comments I've just finished volume 1 and i love it. I feel so dumb that i thought the idea of The Hunger Games was original.
It is so impressing to see how humans change when they are in danger. What i like the most so far is the face of the girl who survived one of the previous programs. She was laughing, there was blood on her face. She couldn't stand alone. And her eyes... She has gone crazy. Yes it definitely is disturbing but it is page turner, either.

message 3: by Reggie (new)

Reggie (OriginalPuck) | 13 comments I heard that it changed some of the bits about the purpose of the fight when it was translated to English, but I can't quite remember since it's been a long time (and it seemed similar to this in the movie). For some reason, the manga made me more squicked than the film.

Still love it, though. The psychology and horror of everything that's happening to them is interesting and terrifying.

ethuil | 13 comments I have read all the chapters and created a quiz:

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