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Crimson Hero is one of the two series we are reading for September. We are reading up to volume 4 as a group.

"All that matters to 15-year-Old Nobara Sumiyoshi is volleyball; she's an awesome vollyball player with big-time ambitions. But sometimes it seems like a girl just can't get a break in the competitive world of high school volleyball. Nobara's family wants her to inherit the role of mistress, serving rich patrons at her family's old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. No thanks! When Nobara joins Crimson Field High school, known for its top-notch volleyball team, it turns out that her mother will stoop to dirty tricks to keep her off the court. With assistance from her feisty Aunt Momoko, who's got some connections at Crimson Field, Nobara decides to start playing offense."

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Kristen | 1392 comments Wow. It's already been a year since I read this? It doesn't feel like it's been that long.

From what I remember, I enjoyed Crimson Hero. I mean, I gave it four stars, so I must have liked it. Evidently it's not particularly memorable, though, because I don't remember all that much about it. I do like that it's about an athletic girl. There aren't really too many female athletes in manga that aren't supposed to be funny. You are allowed to respect Nobara for her skill and tenacity, rather than laugh at her for being boyish.

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I read the first volume quite a while ago and was only obligated to read more when it became an MR for SJMBC. Now that I have read more I am enjoying it. Nobara is a respectable character, as Kristen said, who has her flaws, but is also passionate and hardworking.

I do think that more could have been done to make then series better. For one, the whole thing about Nobara's family seems unnecessary and could perhaps be taken out with enough conflict left in the series to keep it moving. I also think the characters could be fleshed out more to make them more believable and feel less like typical shoujo characters. And I will admit constantly reading, "I will play volleyball!" got annoying pretty quick. Yes, Nobara, we get it.

Seeing as I'm only 4 volumes in, I don't know where the story will go, but I hope it doesn't go down the typical shoujo manga road.

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