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message 1: by Pamela (new) - added it

Pamela Lorence (pamelalorence) | 15 comments Songbird, Written by Angela Fristoe
Narrated by Pamela Lorence

There are defining moments in life, when everything changes. For Dani Mays, it was the day she witnessed her father kill her brother. Now seventeen years-old, she still hasn't put it behind her. After Jace's death, she bounced between her alcoholic mother and foster homes, until she found a permanent place. She found a reason to want to stay: Reece Tyler. He's her best friend, yet Dani wants more from Reece.
Faced with losing Reece, Dani struggles to define his place in her life and escape the influence her memories of her brother's death have over her choices. Even as she weaves the pieces of her heart back together, the past becomes more than a memory when a former foster brother reappears and Dani begins receiving threatening phone calls.

To hear a sample of the audiobook:


Msg me if you're interested in reviewing the audiobook!

message 2: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Ferguson (ruthdfw) | 94 comments I am interested

message 3: by Jake (new)

Jake Taylor | 4 comments Little Wing: Who am I? Where am I? What am I?
Dear friends, readers and listeners, [Vea el texto en español más abajo.]
This is just to inform you about two things: First, that the Spanish edition of “Little Wing” is now available as an audiobook in Audible. The full Spanish title is: “Alita - ¿Quién soy? ¿Dónde estoy? ¿Qué soy?” and it is beautifully narrated by Susana Rodríguez. To hear a sample, please click on the following link:
Second, I have a few codes to download the complete Spanish audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review in Spanish after listening to the story. If you are interested, please let me know so I can send you the code and the instructions.
Thanks, Jake
[What follows is, basically, the same notice as above but in Spanish.]
Estimados amigos, lectores y audioescuchas:
Sólo para informarles dos cosas: Primera, que el cuento “Alita - ¿Quién soy? ¿Dónde estoy? ¿Qué soy?” ya salió a la venta en Audible y está bellamente narrado como libro en audio por Susana Rodríguez. Para oír una muestra, visiten el siguiente enlace:
Segunda, tengo cinco códigos para bajar (descargar) la narración en forma GRATUITA (como regalo) a cambio de que la persona escriba una reseña honesta en español después de escuchar el cuento.
Si están interesados, por favor avísenme para enviarles el código y las instrucciones.
Gracias, Jake

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Ferguson (ruthdfw) | 94 comments Really enjoying Songbird so far at Chapter 18 and the app is acting up.

message 5: by Pamela (new) - added it

Pamela Lorence (pamelalorence) | 15 comments Thanks for the update. It must be frustrating having the app act up. Can Audible help you troubleshoot?

message 6: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Ferguson (ruthdfw) | 94 comments Yes it is!

App finally downloaded chapter 18 & on so I can finish I hope tomorrow

message 7: by Pamela (new) - added it

Pamela Lorence (pamelalorence) | 15 comments Glad to hear you got the app up and running again!

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