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Anyone else disappointed with how weak Tris was in this book?
Niv Niv Sep 01, 2013 09:04AM
Divergent was good, but I was hoping in Insurgent Tris would be more in peace with herself, less emotional and more tough. Her parents and Will's death should have gave her the resolve to be strong and seek justice. I was very disappointed with how she still can't hold a gun, in the middle of the action she'd start having anxiety attacks, I wanted her to master beating the simulations. I mean for goodness sake she still can't master jumping on and off a train properly, there always should be Tobias holding her or helping or something. I just wanted her to be stronger.

deleted member Sep 01, 2013 09:52AM   5 votes
She is still a teenager who just lost her parents and had to kill her friend, give her a break. Some people respond to disaster differently.

I think it's very unfair to say that Tris is weak. She's an accurate portrayal of a 16 year old girl. I personally am a little tired of these protagonists who are said to be ordinary teenagers yet have practically superhuman capabilities. Put yourself in her shoes, if you just killed someone, saw your family die and your entire world enter a brutal war including the mind control of your friends, would you be able to just brush it off and move on without a second glance? I know I wouldn't. Most teenagers wouldn't even be able to do what she does, I know I wouldn't, much less do more.

Lynne (last edited Sep 15, 2013 01:39AM ) Sep 15, 2013 01:39AM   0 votes
I agree that Tris' reaction was a realistic one. It drives me mad when characters in other books don't turn a hair when they go through considerable losses. It's just not realistic.
And she does show strength in this book. Getting up and offering herself to the Erudite so no one else is forced to jump off a building is not a weak act. Walking to her execution is not something that is easy to do either. Following the truth when it means she might lose the man she loves is also strong. Sure, she falls down and cries a lot of the time, but anyone going through this kind of thing for real would too.

I wouldn't say that Tris is weak. She did unbelievable things that only very storng people could do, like going against her friends and family in order to seek the right truth! in order to find justice! being emotional in this harsh world just make it more realistic which makes me like this books more! we are not machines :)

Niv wrote: "Divergent was good, but I was hoping in Insurgent Tris would be more in peace with herself, less emotional and more tough. Her parents and Will's death should have gave her the resolve to be strong..."

She did go through tough times but it seems as if her character simply disappeared in this book. Her actions didn't seem natural. Actually, the entire book seemed pretty forced unlike the first one. My thoughts.

I've included this very thing in my reviews.Im still waiting for Tris to show us what makes divergence so awesome.Why are people so weirded out about it? Other than their not being able to be controlled like puppets.Sure she's only 16 and suffered great loss, but she's not blind.She sees what will happen to her.Thank goodness it's not real life or she would have been dead 10 times over by now. Everyone else-with the same problems and at the same age- has gotten with the program.When will her sense of self-preservation kick in?

Tris is not weak. This is a YA novel portraying a 16 year old girl whose whole world is changing. We can't expect her to toughen up and just forget that her parents died in front of her and the brother whom she thought would stand by her side betrayed her. not easy even for adults to move on. I'm sure she'll get better in book 3.

Rachel (last edited Sep 11, 2013 09:52AM ) Sep 10, 2013 12:05PM   0 votes
Most of us would have reacted the same way. You probably couldn't imagine the pain of seeing your mother/father and friend die. Just imagine how you would feel... I know that i would go into shock and probably never think straight again. On the other hand though, I know that revenge would be number one on my list.
It is very realistic the way she reacts. It is one of my pet peeves, when the hero/heroine gets shot down and just picks up and goes again, and does something amazing, and acts as if it was nothing significant...
Anyway,Tris may have made some 'bad' decisions because of her grief... but it doesn't make her 'weak'!

I personally think Tris was perfect because of her imperfection. She is a realistic person. Just because she is in Dauntless does not mean she is fearless. Besides, fearless does not mean being unafraid. It means being having the courage and resolve to face your fears in order to become victorious. Tris is now an orphan and shot her best friend's boyfriend because she was forced to, who was also her friend. No realistic person would come out strong immediately because of this. If Roth decided to write a person like this, then no one would read her books. Readers like to see characters develop throughout the book/series. No one wants to read someone who is emotionally/physically the same throughout the entire story because people like to see improvement and identify with the character (s). Will's death did give her the resolve to seek justice. It was the plot of the entire book. So what if she cannot hold a gun? I cannot hold a gun (well, I do not know because I have never tried). Tris improves in that department anyway, and she is strong in other, more important ways. The poor girl was an orphan and she kept going and only cried a few times. Not having anxiety attacks would make her abnormal. The point of the book is not mastering the simulations. One of the major themes of "Divergent" is that everyone will always have a fear no matter what. Imaginary fears are our imagination, but ones right in front of us are real. No one wants to read a character that does not have something to work towards and is invincible. The point of the book is to have a goal and to throw obstacles in the way to make it look impossible. Even at the end of a book, even if the problem is solved, no one wants to read a character who comes out invincible and without fear. People want to read characters who they can compare themselves with. It is a selfish fact. The fact about Tobias helping her: That is what he is there for (besides the romance)! I agree that Tris often does not end up saving herself, but the point is, she is more fearless than you think.
I believe I am done with my rant now. :)

Rachel I totally agree with you!
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Italia8989 Thanks.
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She has good cause to be. She not a superhero she a16 year old young woman who lost all her family (counting Caleb cuz he is a traitor) and killed her best friend in self defense. People need to give the girl some slack

IMO the book was just poorly written at the end i really didnt care for any of the characters or the story. i just thought tris was annoying or unbecoming which isnt a bad thing for me with a character unless the story just isnt good which this story isnt

You're not "weak" because you have post traumatic stress disorder. It happens to most soldiers and police officers who've had to kill someone. It's a way that the human brain tries to protect itself. What happens to Tris is actually very realistic. It's amazing what a 16-year-old woman is able to survive and adapt to - I don't fault Tris for it, she inspires me!

She's just annoying

deleted member Sep 11, 2013 11:54PM   -2 votes
I absolutely hate how weak Tris is, and that's the only reason I'm not absolutely, madly in love with this series.
I mean, she can't fend for herself more than half the time and Tobias always has to save her. I love a good strong female character but she has to be strong in order for me to love her. And Tris just doesn't cut it. I mean, how am I supposed to believe she's strong if she fails to protect herself during almost all major fights?
And I know people are cutting her some slack because she has PTSD, but I feel like she'll be weak even without it.

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