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Jordon Scott | 3 comments Searching for reviewers:
Stone Secrets-YA fantasy novel

Newest Edition now available including sneak preview to Stone Secrets II.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of Stone Secrets and writing a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon, please send me a request at and I will send you a PDF version of Stone Secrets Book I.

Stone Secrets can be viewed on Amazon at

Stone Secrets:

Stone Secrets takes you on an adventure to the forgotten islands of Ireland and beyond into the world of the unknown. Fifteen year old Kaia McClaine’s world is falling apart. After a tragic death in the family and an unforeseen accident, Kaia and her older brother Aiden find themselves at odds with their father and thrust into an unknown world.

Against their will, Kaia and her brother are sent away to live in Ireland with their aunt, someone they have never met. Aunt Betha spends her days at Trinity College in Dublin searching for what she refers to as The Truth, while Aiden’s rebellious ways lead him into the city where he acquaints himself with roustabout friends, rough football games, and crawling from club to club. Kaia, left alone at Aunt Betha’s, finds herself struggling with loneliness, guilt, and pain.

After an encounter with two young boys, who refer to her as The Seer, Kaia surprises herself, and taking her aunt’s car, follows the visions of her daydream to search for Aiden in the city of Dublin. Kaia finds herself at Connelly’s Pub and there, she experiences intoxicating music and meets a handsome Irish boy named Finn who teaches her about the ancient Celtic Wheel. Something very powerful is taking place; unknown to Kaia, the Great Shift has begun. Kaia’s visions and hidden powers, with the help of Finn, will guide her and her brother in their journey to battle a secret society; a social order that has been controlling the world for thousands of years. Their quest will struggle to restore balance to the world, and should they fail, all will be lost.

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Evan Lazzaro | 7 comments Nice

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Katarina | 12 comments My blog.

I just did an interview with Rachel Higginson!!

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