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Scary books for Halloween!

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Elise Can anyone send me some suggestions for good creepy books to get me in the mood for
Halloween? I loved "The Little Stranger" by Sarah Waters. Ghost stories, old mansions, hauntings, etc. Thanks!!

Kate Hi Elise,
I can recommend two books by Susan Hill; "The Woman in Black" and "The Small Hand". Another strong recommendation would be "Dark Matter" by Michelle Paver. If you don't mind reading young adult books, there is also "The Dead Men Stood Together" by Chris Priestley - it comes out later this month, I think; I managed to read an advance copy through Amazon's Vine Programme.
Although it is not a ghost story, if you like Sarah Waters, her book "Affinity" is certainly one you should check out. It is very atmospheric.
Finally, a couple of other books which are due for release this month and next are "The Ghost Prison" by Joseph Delaney (his books are for younger readers really, but his Wardstone series is brilliant) and "Bellman and Black" by Diane Setterfield.

I hope that gives you some ideas! Similarly, if you have any good recommendations, I would love to hear!

Isabel (kittiwake) How about a ghost story set in present-day Tokyo.Japanese? I found "Strangers" very spooky. Strangers by Taichi Yamada

R.G. Emanuelle Ylva Publishing is coming out with an anthology just in time for Halloween. It's called "When the Clock Strikes Thirteen." There will be a variety of paranormal stories, including a vampire story by moi. :-) Aside from that, there's going to be stories about ghosts, fairies, and other supernatural creatures. Keep an eye out for it.

Jessica Anything Shirley Jackson is spooky, especially The Haunting of Hill House. F.G. Cottam's Dark Echo and The House of Lost Souls are also about hauntings. Henry James' The Turn of the Screw is excellent and scary.

Carol I just finished THE ASYLUM by John Harwood, a great moody Gothic. His THE GHOST WRITER and THE SEANCE are also atmospheric and spooky. Oh, and THE UNINVITED by Dorothy MacArdle (although sadly out of print) is a classic ghost story.

Giulia Hi, the ultimate haunted house is featured in The Shining by Stephen King.. quite a scary book but may be too gory if you dont want any violence..

Elise Thank you everyone! I love these suggestions! Good thing I like to read creepy scary books all year long!! :)

Cathy Any of the short stories of M. R. James, such as contained in the collection Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. Classics but never bettered.

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