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If U could go back in time to Cannery row.....oh ya! youve 1 day $100 and appear 5am

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message 1: by Jeff (last edited Sep 01, 2013 06:21AM) (new)

Jeff Joseph | 9 comments Mod
So there you are zipped back in time to Cannery row-its 1933 and 5am How would you spend that one day? what would you do? Who would you talk to? What would you say? Would you go to lee's grocery and get a quart of beer? OR go to the see Mack and the boys? or doc? what about checking out the bear flag LOL Would you chance revealing that your from the future? Remember all these people and places really did exist!!

message 2: by Maia (new)

Maia Thielen (maiamaus) | 3 comments I feel like I'd just have to spend the entire day with Doc. I'd want to collect with him, listen to records, and in the evening, enjoy a beer milkshake. (I would tell him I'm from the future, and that totally exists now.)

message 3: by Googz (new)

Googz (pancakemaster) | 2 comments Wow hey Maia, thanks for keeping this group alive/resuscitating it! I'd probably be hangin' with Mack and the boys, drinking that swill poured from un-drunk drinks at the bar, scraping up a nickel collecting frogs or whatever. I need to re-visit these books, it's been too long since I read 'em!

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