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message 1: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments To help build the excitement for Tempt the Stars, I thought we could do a fun quiz to help us countdown the days. Now don't worry. When I say 'quiz' it's not going to be anything brain-taxing. Most of the questions will be along the lines of 'pick this or that' or 'which character would you pick in [whatever situation]. Nothing we can't cope with! :)

So with 30 days to go till release day, here's your first question. Answer the question and tell me in a few words why you picked that answer.

Who do you prefer: Cleo (aka Her Snakiness) or Anthony? (and why)

message 2: by Kat (new)

Kat | 131 comments That's a tough one, Lannister! I'd have to say Snakey though, if only because she's a more central character to both series, and her motives and actions are often so hard to dissect - but provide excellent fodder for theories!

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire (claire1) | 4451 comments I think that Cleo is more interesting because of her bizarre powers and backstory. But I find Anthony far more likeable.

message 4: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I'm picking Anthony. I think he's every bit as sneaky and devious as Snakey Face, but we haven't seen quite as much of him to witness it (though we did see the way he tried to manipulate LC). And the guy likes Dory, whereas Cleo thinks she's ranks as a 'perversion'. Also, I think Anthony's a party animal!

message 5: by Claire (new)

Claire (claire1) | 4451 comments Yeah, basically Anthony for all the reasons you said. In a way, Cleo is more honest because she doesn't pretend to be human at all. Anthony has kept up the pretense which makes him even more dangerous, because you forget how powerful he is.

message 6: by Llaph (new)

Llaph  (llaph) | 3285 comments I just don't like her ... re-reading the series again just sets the cement on my opinion a bit more. She is just too emperious in her actions, while he doesn't seem to be as bad.
Of course, his way of getting his way might end up being irritating too ... we just haven't seen enough of him yet. (I like him anyway, he doesn't put off the I'm-older-than-dirt-and-am-better-than-you vibe.)

message 7: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I wonder what Anthony's special powers might be. He's bound to have a few. Maybe it's the ability to drink a crate of wine in about 5 mins!

message 8: by Llaph (new)

Llaph  (llaph) | 3285 comments Or how to put on and wear a toga proper.

message 9: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments LOL, that might be it!! :D Anyway, moving on ...

29 days till release date! Today's question:

Would you rather be Vampire or Fey? Why?

message 10: by Lia (new)

Lia | 222 comments Fey! Despite the fact they very much have their own rules and their own way of things, I'm completely adverse to the power dynamics of the Vampire world, with masters and servants etcetera etcetera. [I'm fascinated by it, but I would NOT want to be part of it! I just think about Cassie and Pritkin's Diner conversation, where the idea that Cassie could be so blase about how being Mircea's wife is not dissimilar to being a prized servant was so alien to Pritkin; it's equally as disconcerting for me.]

Also, the little girl in me has always wanted to be a Faerie Princess ;)

message 11: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments LOL! Just think, as a Faerie princess, you might get married off to Æsubrand! Not sure if that's good or bad. :)

I find it really hard to choose. Both are immortal and have super strength and whatnot. The fey are gorgeous, but vamps can glamour themselves to look any way they want. I think the politics of both worlds are a bit of a minefield and probably best avoided. But I think I'll choose Fey. I like the idea of being in touch with nature the way Caedmon's branch of the Fey are. I *don't* like the idea of drinking blood (even with the sexy side effects).

message 12: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments You know this is an interesting question... if I was still a teenager and still in that vamp phase I might have said vampire but... vampires in this series don't really attract me at all (at least not because of the fact of their being vampires) and now that I'm older and I've actually thought about it, I kind of find the thought of having to drink blood kind of icky. Seriously, even if you're a vamp I don't think it will completely lose that metallic taste.
In short Fey can do magic! Magic is fun!
Vamps have politics >:(

message 13: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
hahaha What Duca said! total agreement! :D

message 14: by Claire (new)

Claire (claire1) | 4451 comments If I could be a vampire like Mircea, who only occasionally answers to the Consul, I might be okay with it. Plus he can be out in the sun, taste food, and doesn't have to bite people. I also think he has some nifty powers. But if my position/status wasn't guaranteed, I'd rather be Fey.

I can't say I'd mind being married to Aesubrand...he's only homicidal towards political enemies. As a wife I wouldn't stand in the way of his ambition =p

message 15: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Steady there, Claire. You're sounding a bit Lady McBeth LOL! :D

Duca, yeah, blood is icky. And messy. I'd probably have numerous unfortunate incidents before I got the hang of it. And I really wouldn't want to accidentally kill someone, cos don't you hate it when that happens! ;)

message 16: by Llaph (new)

Llaph  (llaph) | 3285 comments What I pick would be contingent on a few things:
To be a vamp--I would not want to start at the bottom, since I don't want to spend the years to become a master level vamp that can take blood/sustenance via touch. Ohh, and one that can eat real food again....

To be a fae--I would have to be a dragon ... dragons are just cool.

message 17: by Kat (new)

Kat | 131 comments I would choose Fey, hands down!

Both the vamps and the fey are essentially immortal, but fey don't have to deal with the centuries of subservience and the minefield political landscape that the vamps do. (Though in fairness I'm sure the power structure of the fey has issues of its own.)

I also love the idea of being in tune with nature in the way that the fey are, and of having magic that is tied to the earth.

One of my favorite scenes from the books is in Fury's Kiss, when Dory and LC and the fey are enjoying the garden at night, dancing under the fairie lights and the stars, while Dory and Claire's bohemian neighbors play guitar in a circle around the fire. It must be the hippie in me :)

message 18: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Kat, I loved that scene in Dory's garden too!

message 19: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Four weeks today!

Today's question ...

Would you rather have Jonas or Agnes as a mentor?

message 20: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
Agnes! Despite the little mishap with Myra, I would pick Agnes - 'cause she'll tell you if you suck and not beat around the bush about.. well anything :) Jonas is just a bit too... loofy for my taste as a teacher :)

message 21: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6376 comments Agnes, I think I would learn more. Jonas would be hard to follow lol

message 22: by Lia (new)

Lia | 222 comments Jonas!

I'd learn very little- or maybe I'd learn from trial and failure more than anything else, but I imagine it'd be a lot of fun.

Actually, if I was in Cassie's situation and in life or death situations 24/7, I'd take Agnes as she'd probably be best in providing all the necessary information.

However, in a more relaxed environment I'd take Jonas. Also, him being friendly with Pritkin would mean seeing a lot of him, maybe **ahem** training with him. Which I uh.. wouldn't hate persay.

message 23: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments Hmph! GR has not been sending me my updates! pout.

On the last question - I'd pick Fey...
But mostly because they have their whole separate realm.

On the Mentor question...
That's a toughie!
I think, perhaps... Jonas. He seems to have slightly more patience than Agnes. And I'd probably require TONS of patience...LOL

message 24: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments Hahaha, what Lia said! Jonas seems like he'd be more easygoing and fun (at least I found his teaching methods funny) but if I needed serious training, I'd take Agnes.
Also agree with seeing Pritkin more if you're taking Jonas :P

message 25: by Claire (new)

Claire (claire1) | 4451 comments I'd love to have tea with Jonas and just listen to his crazy musings.

I don't know how helpful Agnes would be a mentor....remember how vague and unhelpful she was when Cassie asked her for advice? It's possible she'd be more forthcoming training her own heir...or she could be one of those people who have you sink or swim on your own.

message 26: by Llaph (new)

Llaph  (llaph) | 3285 comments Agnes was rather vague and bitchy to me. Jonas ... along with seeming like a scatterbrain, well he just gives me a sneaky feeling. I think I would have Agnes for the pythia stuff and Jonas for magic. Otherwise wouldn't it be like a bird teaching a fish to fly or some crap like that?
I know I am not the only one in history that had to deal with a teacher that drove them nuts and had you thinking of interesting ways to inflict physical harm on them in your head.

message 27: by Kat (new)

Kat | 131 comments I think I'd choose Agnes for serious training, as her methods seem to be more straightforward and efficient than Jonas's.

But I absolutely love Jonas. He's one of my favorite characters. So I'd definitely have to have a weekly tea arrangement set up, so I could still enjoy his eccentric musings on the regular.

message 28: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I think I would choose Jonas, because I think he'd be fun and would have a lot of good stories. And I think he'd be really easy to distract if he had you doing something you didn't like. You could start asking questions about something unrelated and lead him off in a totally different direction.

But moving on ... 27 days to go!

Remembering the body swap scene in Curse the Dawn, which character would you like to trade bodies with for a little while?

message 29: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments Cassie.
But only so I can get more time with Prikin!! ;D

And speaking of the body switch, I still wanna know what Priktin got up to in Cassie's body!! LOL
Isn't he lucky she doesn't usually walk around in heels!

message 30: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I think Pritkin felt himself (or herself??) up good and proper when he was in Cassie's body! I mean, if you aren't allowed sex ever, you've got to take advantages of any opportunities that present!!

Now I'm wondering ... did Pritkin's sex restriction extend to, um, himself on his lonesome? Ya know what I mean!! :D

I would choose to be in Mircea's body, or possibly any vamp. I want to know what it's like to be a vamp with super strength, incredible hearing and eyesight. And what fun to bamboozle a human's mind!!

message 31: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments Interesting... I would have thought you'd hop into Kit without a second thought. ;)

On Pritkin's Restrictions...hmm...yes, my mind totally went there! LOL

message 32: by Lia (new)

Lia | 222 comments Ooh ooh Marlowe! That way I could snoop around his stuff and find out everyone's secrets :D And then when I was me again, I'd use them all to my benefit. Devious, I know.

And all I know is that when Pritkin and Cassie finally end his famine, it's going to be **ahem** explosive. Hehe.

message 33: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Jax wrote: "Interesting... I would have thought you'd hop into Kit without a second thought. ;)"

I'd certainly hop onto him!! ;)

Lia wrote: "And all I know is that when Pritkin and Cassie finally end his famine, it's going to be **ahem** explosive. Hehe. "

I'm thinking of Old Faithful right now. Teehee.

message 34: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments LOL...

Oh - and I thought of something else.
If I could still hop time in Cassie's body... that would be awesome... I could go back and visit certain eras just to see what they were actually like!..and if I happened to accidentally bring back a few mementos...

message 35: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
LMAO!! I LOVE the bodyswap! And I'm a bit torn about what Pritkin would do.. 'cause on the one hand, he is british and have a strong sense of what's right and proper, so I don't think feeling Cassies body up was the first thing he did. But on the other hand, he IS a guy, half incubus and sexdeprived for a couple of centuries- so yeah, he would give her body a nice lookover and grope!

That said.. I'm actually quite surprised that Cassie didn't go.. exploring any more than she did.

message 36: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6376 comments pritkin, mircea, Marlowe... I would take any of the men.

message 37: by Lia (new)

Lia | 222 comments I feel like Pritkin wouldn't go feeling around,in a way it'd be torture- Just showing him more of what he longs for and can't have. I think he looked though. I think he looked well.

message 38: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments @Lia if he didnt at that point then he certainly had a good eyeful by the end of that car scene in HTM *winkwink*

I would also choose Pritkin. I mean if I'm gonna do a body swap I definitely want to try out the body with different equipment :P Also because his body is the one I find most attractive for... ogling purposes. Actually tbh I'd probably spend half the time playing with his... hair XD!

Ps. I'd just like to take a moment to thank Lannister for giving us this wonderfully distracting and entertaining game that is making the waiting time for TTS pass by a lot easier <33

message 39: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Heavens | 361 comments Would choose Dory. And drink a lot of fey wine and have some good time with a certain redhead!

message 40: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
I second that Duca - Three cheers for Lannister! (and groping Pritkins body!)

Speaking of bodies... If you had to chose between almost hairless Mircea or Primate-hairy Marco who would you pick and why?

message 41: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments Oh man this is going to sound so weird seeing as how I've said Pritkin attracts me but.... I hate hairy men *ducks* which is why KC surprised me so much with her ability to make even THAT attractive to me!

In real life I would choose the hairless Mircea 9 times out of 10... but that 1 time out of 10... there's such good chemistry and the guy is so freaking attractive to me that the hair won't matter... but even then the dude won't be Marco hairy. No way in a million years could anything make me attracted to that XD I adore Marco though, he's such a fuzzy teddy with fangs <3

message 42: by Kat (new)

Kat | 131 comments HAHA! Leodora, I love that question :D

If you're asking who I'd rather be...then, Mircea. He's more powerful all around.

If you're asking who I'd rather be with...still Mircea lol. I love Marco. Along with Jonas and Caleb he's one of my fave supporting characters. (And I hope we see him in TtS!). But he was crazy hairy. Cassie described him as having a "pelt". On his shoulders. Body hair on a guy is *hot* and Mircea is a bit of an overgroomed bastard - Dory's words, not mine :) But a pelt might be pushing things a bit lol.

The original question - I'd choose to be Cassie! Because, Pritkin. Obvs. She's probably the only person alive who could grope him and get away with all limbs intact. There's also a higher than likely chance he'd join in ;) And if I retained her Pythian abilities, it's just the cherry on top.

Actually, every time I read the body switch scene - and it's been a fair few times, with my near-obsessive fixation on the books as the release date draws ever near - I wonder what Pritkin got up to in her body. To be honest, I tend to think he wouldn't have done too much, as he was initially in a state of moderate horror and shock, and he was really fighting against taking their relationship beyond a platonic level at that point - with good reason, we later learned. And why put yourself through the agony of touching what you think you can't ever have? I'm tempted to think he didn't do much more than look...real good.

But you know...he was very...relaxed when he came to Cassie's room after his shower. If you know what I mean. So who knows what he really got up to? LOL

message 43: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments I'm laughing so hard Kat omg maybe that's why he's so "intuitive" with her body? Haha!

message 44: by Kat (new)

Kat | 131 comments Probably! :D LOL

message 45: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I'm glad you guys are enjoying this quiz! :D

So, with 26 days to go ...

We've discussed our favourite characters plenty. However, who's your least favourite character in the books and why?

message 46: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
LMAO!!!! Kat I never even thought about that! Yeah I bet he enjoyed that shower... really enjoyed it!

LOL Duca that is the power that is KC! Eventhough, I'm pro hairy dudes, so she hasn't yet managed to pursuade me on the hairless vamps yet :p Stubble and chesthair all the way baby! ^^

Hmm... least favorite... Tomas! He's just annoying as f*** and.. eugh. Just stay in fairy!

message 47: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I like a bit of manly hair too. Not someone who resembles a monkey, but some nice chest hair to run your fingers through is good. I associate hairless chests with teenage boys.

I think my least fav character is maybe Jack cos he's a horrible torturer AND he smells bad. Sometimes Claire annoys me too (that'll be book Claire and not our Claire!) I think it's because I can't be bothered with over-protective mothers AND she whines about being a Fae Princess, cos she doesn't like the dresses and her iPod doesn't work (totally first world problems). She was about to be sold into slavery or be killed for her magic, now she's married to a prince and has a gorgeous kid, but she's still not happy?! Pooh.

message 48: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6376 comments Claire I think also. She's just annoying.

message 49: by Cameo (new)

Cameo | 1044 comments Mod
Oh I forgot about Claire.. yeah, def the worst character...

message 50: by Duca (new)

Duca (sapphireofslytherin) | 468 comments Yup I was gonna say Claire too XD Her neuroticness and whining kind of get on my nerves.
Tony should probably also be in the running for least likeable character though, right? Well him or Drac for what they've done to our favourite heroines!

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