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Giveaways > Free Aug 29-Sept2: 'How Would You Fight A Lion', by Jasmine Schwartz

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Jasmine Schwartz (jasmineschwartz) 'How Would You Fight A Lion', by Jasmine Schwartz is free August 29 - September 2:

How Would You Fight A Lion? by Jasmine Schwartz
Melissa's new Wall Street job is saving her. She's climbing out of debt, she's getting her life together... and the boss's son is cute. But a mysterious email threatens to destroy everything. Is Melissa working with a killer? She must discover who's lying, who's dangerous, and who's just out for themselves in this smart, modern Wall Street tale.

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Jasmine Schwartz's mystery series, including the novels Farbissen and Fakakt, has been in the Kindle Free Top 10 for mysteries and #2 in women sleuths with more than 21,000 downloads.



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Are there any gratuitous sex scenes in this book?

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Jasmine Schwartz (jasmineschwartz) You'd be surprised, or perhaps not, by how many people ask that on Goodreads! My standard answer is to try this one: Fakakt Melissa Morris and the Meaning of Sex by Jasmine Schwartz

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