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Hello new members! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!!!!
This specific thread will be for all of you new members that are either brand new to Goodreads, or are new to roleplaying! A lot of times new members such as these will get a big, long, rambling speech from me via PM. Well, now you'll be able to skip straight to the parts you're wondering about!

If after reading this you still have questions or are confused about anything, don't hesitate to ask!!!!!! Camp Half-Blood is one of the best starter groups because of how extremely kind and helpful our members are, and how much awesome stuff we have for you to try out.

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If you are new to Goodreads...

First of all, welcome! Goodreads is possibly the best site on the internet for all us book nerds!

Goodreads itself has a ton of really fun features from creating bookshelves, to discussions, to creative writing, quizzes, and of course groups!

Groups vary from discussion groups to book clubs to roleplay groups. Some are private, meaning you have to Request to Join, and then the moderators have to approve your request before you can post anything. Most are public, meaning it's open to everyone (like CHB), and there are some that are secret, which means you won't even know it exists unless you're invited to it.

Groups are organized like this:

See the orange arrows? They are pointing to the Folders (The bolded words that say Starting, Creation, etc.). Inside of folders, are things we call topics or threads. Scroll down to see a full explanation of our threads and folders!

Threads are where we make posts. If you want to do things with your posts like make things Bold, italic, underlined, add an image, etc. Then all you have to do is click on the link that says, "(some html is ok)."

When topics or folders aren't used for a long time, they will disappear from the homepage. To view all the folders and topics we have, you have to press this link:

And then it will show you all of our folders, and the first five topics in each folder. To see all the topics in a folder, you have to click on the name of the folder:

And then you will see all the threads in that folder. Sometimes there are two pages worth of threads, so check for the next page arrows down at the bottom!

Groups are run by Moderators

These are our current moderators. I am Head Mod, meaning I created the group and am awesome ;) Just kidding. All of our mods are absolutely spectacular! We are the ones who watch over the group and make sure everything stays organized and appropriate.


With each group, the moderators create a set of rules that the members have to follow. These are ours:

1. Keep it Greek/Roman Peeps
2. Be nice and have respect for your fellow members!
3. Use * if you have to cuss, but do try not to, especially at other members
4. No character deaths without permission from the owner! Injuries? Yes. Maiming or killing? No. Keep the gore to a minimum
5. No powerplaying, god-modding, using other member's characters, basic rp no-no's.
6. Big Three cabins have a 12 camper limit. Contact a mod for more details
8. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Further explanation...
1. Means that you have to keep your characters parent Greek or Roman. No Norse gods, Egyptian gods, etc.

2. What it says, be nice!

3. Censor any cuss words, and try not to cuss at other members (Ex. You're an *ss, Bob.) Even if it's censored, that doesn't make it ok.

4. You can't go around killing each other! If you want your character to have some big dramatic death scene, cool. Just make sure everyone is ok with it first. Keep the gore down, so no guts hanging out, no stabbing over and over again, etc. etc. If you don't see it in the books, don't bring it here.

5. Powerplaying/God-modding is when you make your character super powerful. For example, you make a child with the powers of all the gods that is totally invincible and can't be killed. That isn't ok. If you make your character always win duels, never get a scratch, etc. etc. then that is considered power playing.

When you make a character, then that is character is yours and no other member is allowed to use that character without your permission. For other basic Roleplay Etiquette, check out this thread:

6. We do have a limit on the Big Three Cabins as well as the Virgin Goddess cabins, because of their rareness in the series.

7. NOT A DROP OF ALCOHOL! NOT EVEN DIONYSUS! NO CIGARETTES OR OTHER SUBSTANCES! NO SEX, INTENSE MAKING OUT, FULL NUDITY, UNDERWEAR, NOTHING!!!!!! If you want to do that kind of stuff, then take your roleplays to Private Message!

Making Threads
Usually, it's considered polite to ask a mod before you create a thread. It isn't a rule of ours that you have to ask us first, but we would appreciate it if you asked before making any threads.

Here on GR we do use a few slang terms. Just a basic guide for you...

RP= Roleplay
GR= Goodreads
RL= Real Life
PM= Private Message
Thread/Topic= Where you post comments such as this...
Mod= Short for Moderator
Moderator= The person/people that run the group

Most people don't use text language on here, but there are a fair few that do.

Becoming a Moderator
If you want to be a mod in a group, you either a) make a group yourself or b) ask one of the current moderators to add you.
Here in CHB, we are all good for moderators at this time so we aren't currently accepting requests to become a moderator.

Other questions? Ask them in this thread:

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If you are new to roleplay

You have been missing out, my friend!
The best way I've been able to explain roleplay is that it's writing a story... but with other people.

First thing you do: Create a Character!
This is the thread you create a character in:

In the very first comment in that thread, there will be a Character Outline. All you do is copy and past that outline into your comment box, fill in the blanks, and you've got yourself a character! If you want an example of what that looks like, read through some of the characters other members have created.

Here in CHB, we have a limit on the Big Three cabins, and the Virgin Goddess Cabins. Scroll down for more information.

When you create a character, that character is yours and yours alone. No other members are allowed to roleplay your character or control their actions without your permission!

The next thing you do: Start a roleplay with someone!
To start a roleplay, you go to this thread here: and ask! Sometimes you won't get an answer back for a little while, but other times you'll get a billion at once! You and the person that wants to roleplay with you can figure out where exactly you want to roleplay.

Roleplay Threads
We've got a ton of roleplay threads in this group! Most are in the Places and Cabins Folders:

But we also have other roleplay options. Scroll down for more information!

The best way to learn how to roleplay is to read through roleplays other members have done. Here's an example...

Whitney, Lacey, hope you don't mind ;) This is a perfect example because they use lots of details, good spelling and grammar, and they show how to use the double parentheses correctly!

Remember your roleplay etiquette:
Use your common sense. If it's considered rude in real life, it's probably rude here too.

If you have any other roleplay questions, ask me, one of the other mods, or another member!

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If you are new to Camp Half-Blood
Hiya! CHB is mainly a roleplay group, however we do have threads dedicated to discussion, fan things, etc. etc.

Our Character Creation Protocol:
The only time your characters need to be approved, is if they are children of one of the Virgin Goddesses (Hestia, Hera, and Artemis). After that, you don't need to be approved before roleplay, however we may ask you to change things sometimes. Keep an eye out for that.

Gods, Goddesses, Mr. D, and Chiron are all characters that are free-for-all, which means that anyone can roleplay them at any time. No member has a specific claim on them, nor are they able to be created.

Original Characters
If you want to roleplay a character from one of the books, then you can request one here:
Check the list before you request a character. If that character has a * by their name, then they are taken already.

You must make your requested character here: within 3 days, or they will be up for grabs again. Also, if your character is not roleplayed for a full month, then you will lose your privileges to that character and they will be up for grabs again.

Cabins with Limits
Because of how few (or none) of them there are in the books, we have a limit on how many characters can be a child of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera, and Artemis.
Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades have a limit of 12 characters. Hestia, Hera, and Artemis have a limit of 5. To see if there are any slots open, check the character list here:

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades characters can be born like any other demigod if you desire. However, the Virgin Goddesses are another matter.
If you create a child of Hera, Hestia, or Artemis, then their births have to be special, and keep the goddesses virgins. For example, a child could be born from Hera's tears, given as a punishment to Artemis, etc. etc. You can look through the Character Creation thread to read some examples if you'd like.

If you have a Big Three or Virgin Goddess demigod, and they are not roleplayed after a full month, then they will be downgraded to either a grandchild or Hunter during the Monthly Sweep.

LOOPHOLE! You are allowed to create a grandchild of any of these gods/goddesses (as in one of your character's parents is a demigod child of Zeus/Poseidon/Hades/Hera/Hestia/Artemis) and then when I do the Monthly Sweep, a spot may open up and your character may get upgraded.

Create a Creature
You are also able to create creatures here in this thread:

Creatures also don't have to be approved, but keep in mind that you may be asked to change things.
Creatures include things that you would find at Camp Half-Blood like nymphs and satyrs.

Monthly Sweep
At the end of each month, we check all the Original characters and all the Big Three and Virgin Goddess characters to see if any have not been roleplayed within the last month.

If an Original character is not roleplayed, then you lose your privileges to that character. If a Big Three or Virgin Goddess character is not roleplayed, then they will be downgraded to make space for active characters.

Our Roleplay Options
We have LOTS of different options for roleplay here in CHB!

Basic Roleplay Threads

We have all of your basic places like the forest, the lake, the Big House, and all the cabins. Try not to roleplay in a place where people are already roleplaying, but we do understand that in a group this big that can be difficult sometimes.
We also have folders for the Underworld, Olympus, the Sea of Monsters, etc. if you so desire to roleplay there. All of those places are completely separate folders, and can be accessed if you go to view all of the folders.

Capture the Flag
Every weekend we do Capture the Flag. For more information on how that works exactly, check this thread:

The Capture the Flag folder is located here:

You also have the option to go on a quest! Quests must be made up of groups of 3 characters (the amount of members can vary from 2-3).
This is our Quests Folder:

To Find a Quest Group, check out this thread:

Once you've got your group of three, Request your Quest in this thread using the outline:

After your quest has been approved by a moderator, go to the Oracle thread: In this group, Rachel is our Oracle.

Once you've gotten your prophecy, then you can make your Quest Thread in the same folder. Label it with the names of the members participating, or the names of your characters, and then you can start roleplaying!

Remember: Only the people that are on the quest are allowed to post in their thread. Other members are not allowed to roleplay in those threads.

Fantasy Roleplay
This is one of our newer features. In the Fantasy Roleply folder, you are able to roleplay practically anything. You can fill in one of the blanks of the books (Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth's adventures, the demigods in their later lives, etc.), you can change the plots (Luke and Annabeth together instead, Percy is the evil one, etc.), you can put your own characters in there (pair your character with Katie Gardner, etc.) there really is an endless amount of options. If you can think of it, request it, and when a mod approves it you can make your thread!

Here is the link to the Fantasy Roleplay folder:

Roleplay the Books
Not a lot of members have actually used this feature, but it's there. You're able to roleplay out the plot line of any of the books if you want, simple as that.
Here is the link:

Non-Roleplay Features
We've also got a lot of non-roleplay threads here in the group!

Non-Roleplay Folders
*Starting- This is the place for new members to introduce themselves, get started, etc.

*Creation- This is where you can create your character, creature, or original!

*Random- Just a bunch of random things. Chat thread, questions, find someone to roleplay with, etc. etc.

*Birthdays - Where you can tell us your character's birthday, as well as when it's yours!

*Fan Things- A whole bunch of random junk from your fan art to simple talking to fan-girling. Check it out!

*Book Discussions- Simple. Talk about the books!

*Debates- We debate on a whole bunch of PJO related topics!

*Movies- We discuss the movies!

*Music- Random music related PJO fan things.

*Other Fun Stuff- Just extra things and stuff I suppose. PJO websites, pictures, etc.

*Games- Ice breakers for the group, a fun thing to do when you're bored!

*Reference- Just a folder with a little extra information

*Archives- You won't really need the Archives folder. It's just a place we keep old threads we don't use anymore.

Other questions? Just ask!

message 5: by Masen (new)

Masen (titanglade) | 46 comments so wait... i can make my own character and stuff, right...? cuz i've had an rp before that assigned me a character

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Yes you can

message 7: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod

message 8: by Masen (new)

Masen (titanglade) | 46 comments ok good. where should i post that?

Jamison Dingler Character Creation

message 10: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (last edited Nov 04, 2013 02:39PM) (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod
Just remember to read EVERYTHING above the outline, because I am not gonna repeat myself.

message 11: by Masen (new)

Masen (titanglade) | 46 comments ok :p yah got it :p

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Can't wait to play with you though!!! :)

message 13: by izzy (new)

izzy (nighthawkss) One question (sorry to bother you) for the intensive kissing thing and stiff like that you can take it to messages and you won't get kiked off right? (My friend was wondering and was to shy to ask)

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes. Just either skip it or take it to messaging.

message 15: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Rasmussen (hooptyson10) in character creation does all the info have to be long?

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Not really.

message 17: by Sia (new)

Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments hi

message 18: by Shanna (last edited Aug 19, 2014 08:06PM) (new)

Shanna Hollingworth | 1 comments How do you get your character approved? Because I want to make a child of Hestia. Also I'm just going to make it for now before I forget, but I won't use it yet...

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Wait for a mod to say it's okay.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

And yay! A new Hestia kid!

message 21: by Jennalynn (new)

Jennalynn (thejennfind) Are we allowed to be major characters or no? Just curious.

message 22: by Jennalynn (new)

Jennalynn (thejennfind) And also are we allowed to be related to a bunch of gods/.goddesses or only one?? sorry if i missed it on the directions/ guidelines. :)

message 23: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) You can claim a major character in this thread.
And it typically works better if you're only the child of one god, although you can be the grandchild of another, too.

message 24: by Alana (new)

Alana H How many characters are we allowed to have? And does an original character count?

message 25: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) You can have as many characters as you'd like :)

message 26: by Emma Horan (new)

Emma Horan | 7 comments okay so let's say I'm not exactly completely new to this group and just took a break for a couple years, am I allowed to bring my old characters back to life or do I have to start from scratch? Did that make any sense??

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod
oMG you're username looks so familiar holyfk. :OOOOOOOO I CANT REMEMBER YOU THOU.
ARE YOU FROM 2012, 2013 OR 2014!?

message 28: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod
^ oh, btw what are your character's names?

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

How do you make a thread?

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Soory,got it.

message 31: by Emma Horan (new)

Emma Horan | 7 comments Kimiko wrote: "oMG you're username looks so familiar holyfk. :OOOOOOOO I CANT REMEMBER YOU THOU.
ARE YOU FROM 2012, 2013 OR 2014!?"

yeah I am from 2012/2013... haha!

my character's name was Landon Hall.

message 32: by Emma Horan (new)

Emma Horan | 7 comments lol hi

message 33: by X (new)

X (cylxin) Hi

Shiv {Two Stones, Trying to Float on Water} (mathew-sonofvulcan) | 13359 comments Emma Horan wrote: "Kimiko wrote: "oMG you're username looks so familiar holyfk. :OOOOOOOO I CANT REMEMBER YOU THOU.
ARE YOU FROM 2012, 2013 OR 2014!?"

yeah I am from 2012/2013... haha!

my character's name was Land..."


message 35: by Vergie (new)

Vergie Rivera (javerson212) | 2 comments Hello :)

message 36: by Jayden (new)

Jayden OK first of all, is this in time during pery jackson or like in the future and second can we make multiple characters or just one???

Shiv {Two Stones, Trying to Float on Water} (mathew-sonofvulcan) | 13359 comments Kinda just in the same time, and yes.

Shiv {Two Stones, Trying to Float on Water} (mathew-sonofvulcan) | 13359 comments There isn't an exact story line, not that I am aware of

Cheshire Cat [Heidi]~ We're All Mad Here ~ | 2792 comments I like to think of it as having happened after the series, especially with all of the cabins for the minor gods.

message 40: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod
^ what they said, AND if you werent notified already you can create multiple characters xD

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) | 1702 comments Oh my gosh I love this group I left a while ago but now I am in a huge Percy Jackson mood!!

message 42: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod
Welcome back!

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) | 1702 comments Thanks :)

message 45: by Allie (last edited Dec 18, 2015 09:00PM) (new)

Allie (icebreakerduo) | 60 comments Kimiko wrote: "Welcome back!"

Thanks, the instructions are so clear and detailed. :)

I also miss the old version on GR. When typing a message, the font is nice but the layout and everything is so different and unfamiliar.

message 46: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5962 comments Mod

message 47: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 22, 2015 08:49PM) (new)

Hey Kimiko :). One question: when will Capture the Flag start again???

message 48: by Jasmyne (new)

Jasmyne Damon (hiraethetic) | 4 comments Hi I'm new :-0

message 50: by Jasmyne (new)

Jasmyne Damon (hiraethetic) | 4 comments @Vampirehunter hi

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